The Telephone Angel

by Anna Marie Nearbin

My husband Bill had a terrible stroke and could no longer communicate in any manner. The doctors gave him less than a year to live, I decided to give up my business and stay home to care for him for the short time he had left to live. The pressure of taking full-time care of an invalid took its toll on me and one morning I was too ill to get out of bed. Bill had woke up and waited several hours for me to dress and feed him to no avail. Now this is a man who could no longer speak, who had lost control of his right side, etc. Somehow Bill managed to get to the phone, somehow dialed (how?) the number to a family member and somehow (how?) gibber-gabbered sounds into the phone so that they knew it was him and something must be wrong with me!! How did this all happen to a man who could no longer speak a word? Only an Angel must have been present guiding Bill on that day! (Oh, by the way, Bill lived 12 years more!!)

Inspiration for Story: The man who could no longer communicate.