Touched By an Angel

by Cindy Davis

Several years ago my sister had taken an overdose of pills to end her life. We lived in South Carolina, and she lived in Atlanta, Georgia. When we got the call from the hospital, my husband and I literally dropped everything, jumped in our car and took off to be with her. We were able to be with her before she passed. I went to a pay phone to call my mother with the news. I realized the only money I had was some change to cover the phone cost. A dark haired woman walked up to me in the waiting room. She didn't "glow" but she had this wonderful fresh clean smell. She then hands me a check for $40. And said, "it's going to be alright. Take this you're going to need it." I wanted to refuse, not knowing her, but, somehow I felt I should take it. I thanked and hugged her. I walked out the door, turned around to wave at her and she was gone. We had to get gas to drive back. We got to the station, prayed that they would take a check. They did. And with exactly $40 in gas we made it all the way home.

Inspiration for Story: I've met several angels over the years. I wanted to share this one because I felt others would be able to relate. Remember the quote on "The Preachers Wife" the little boy said, "Just cause you can't see them (angels) it doesn't mean they're not real."