by Tracie Lynn

My Mom and I have been close since I was a little girl and as I grew into an adult we grew into best friends. My Mom has had health problems as long as I can remember and the disease that she has doesn’t improve over time, it only gets worse. About four years ago the disease produced in her a terrible case of vertigo. Remember spinning around as a little child and the sensation that followed after stopping abruptly? Well, that is how she feels all the time; standing, sitting, any time she is not flat on her back. After undergoing medical testing the results showed that it was a result of the pre-existing disease and that it was not going to go away. In spite of her troubles she has been there for me. She picks me up when I am down. She supported me as I started my own jewelry and accessories business. My Mom demonstrates grace, love, strength, and ability in the midst of disability. While her world spins around, she lifts up the people around her. I created a necklace with an angel pendant and I think of her when I see it. She is an angel in every sense of the word and I hope to give back even a piece of what she has given to me.