Angel at the Foot of My Hospital Bed, Saved My Life

by Eleanor Gingerich

I had MRSA Pneumonia, a potentially fatal infection. I was unaware that someone in the night had turned my life giving oxygen off. It caused me to be unresponsive. I got very sleepy and couldn't wake up, despite the fact that angels kept shaking my feet and wouldn't stop. I finally woke up enough to become aware that I couldn't breath. The nurse came pretty fast that night. She said "You're oxygen has been turned off," alarm in her voice. My O2 SAT was 50, it should have been close to 100. I recovered fast. It only could have been an angel that kept incessantly shaking my legs, and feet, until it irritated me enough to wake me up. I didn't see anyone, or anything, but I felt a holy presence. I felt in awe of the angel. I would have been unable to save myself, though I was a nurse, I couldn't have gotten out of bed and to my oxygen source. The next morning I told the nun who checked on me. She smiled big, and said "That's been known to happen around here." I can remember this clearly and I can still remember my leg being shook.
I always wanted to write my story, of how an angel saved my life. God had more for me to do on this earth. It wasn't time to go yet. I am at present comforted, by the angels who carried my 2 year old great nephew to heaven, AUG. 22, 2012. He died of a rare cancer.

Inspiration for Story: Near death experience, save by angels.