They are My Angels as I am Their Angel

by Robin Antoine

Hello. My name is Robin Antoine. I live in Northern MI. All of my Residents and Clients are my Angels. I am a Caregiver, have been since I was 29 years old. I am now in my 50s. My Residents and Clients make me Smile and Laugh. It's a hard job but they need someone there for them when Families can't be. When they tell you how much they Appreciate You and Love You it makes the day feel so much better. I had a few of them pass on to Our Lord that really touched my Heart. I never thought of them as Residents or Clients. They are my Second Family. I had one family member send me a Special Package after her mom passed on. In that Package was a sweatshirt with an Angel on it saying, "There's an Angel on your shoulder" and the other gift was the most Beautiful Angel I have ever seen in my life. She was the Angel Celebrating Life holding a Tambourine with the saying, "Rejoice and Celebrate Our Lord." I cried when I saw those Items. Not only were they My Angels of Life, the Family thought of me as their Angel for caring so much about their Family Members. I have been collecting Angels ever since.

Inspiration for Story: I am a Caregiver