Channeling Your Inner Cupcake

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by Kristal Wick, Author, Designer and Instructor, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Sometimes you just need a good reason to channel your inner ___________ (fill in the blank). As artists and jewelry makers it's VERY important to stay connected to your inner child who leads you down the path of imagination, laughter and whimsical happy feelings. This week my inner cupcake needed some attention after seeing all of Jamie Smedley's cupcake earrings, Yummy Cakes, Honey Cakes, Coolio Cupcakes, Sweet Things, and the greatest instructions for Tasty Cake Earrings.

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Cookies, Candies, Cupcakes, Oh My!

What were some of our fave goodies as a kid? Cupcakes (check out these cupcake design ideas), ice cream (check out these adorable ice cream cone earrings and candy (don't eat the earrings!)). Remember how hard it was to stop? As kids we plowed through each and every goodie with gusto as if it were the last one on the planet! And then the tummy ache began...

And although today as adults we're much more familiar with our limits (well, not ALL of us), and we don't grab that last cupcake that puts us into the tummy ache zone, I have seen the same behavior with beads! More is better in this wonderful world of beady-ness; if we physically gained weight from our bead purchases like we would when eating cupcakes, I don't know about you, but I'd be buying a whole row of seats on the plane every time I fly! The good news is we can hide our bead calories and apply some of our same childhood justifications. See below:

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Hide the goods. Your better half doesn't really NEED to know about every bead purchase, right? Here are some very effective hiding places for those little vials: car trunks, underwear drawer, and empty luggage. Shhhhhhh!

There are hundreds of different shades of blue and I ONLY have 41 of those shades in seed beads, what's a few more?

They're not just for me; I sell my jewelry so I MUST offer a wide variety of colors.

They're so little, they don't really count. hahaha, right! That's like saying the broken pieces of a cookie have no calories ... I'm just sayin' ...

I'll start my "bead" diet after the next bead show.

In any case, know I'm right there with you and you're not alone. I invite you to embrace your inner cupcake and make some fun jewelry from our past with an adult twist--Crystal Passions® crystals! You all remember shrinkable plastic, don't you? We made them at camp or in Girl Scouts; and if you never did, even more reason to dive in! You missed out on a seriously important chapter of your childhood! A cupcake bracelet could be as fun to make as it is to wear, and zero calories! Enjoy...

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