My Angel Gave Me Comfort

by Chrystal Belle

I had to have 1 of 4 spinal surgeries and of course I was frightened. I lied in a cold bed waiting to be taken in for the surgery, just then a nurse dressed in an old nurse's uniform with a cap that had a red cross on it with blue eye shadow came in the room and asked if my name was Chrystal. I said yes! She asked how I was doing and if I understood what was about to happen. I told her that no, I was not ok and that I knew that they were going to operate on my spine so I could stand properly again. She proceeded to take my hand and all of a sudden I began to feel a feeling of warmth. She told me that she was there to let me know that all would be just fine and I was going to come through the surgery, and that I should not worry. I told her of some of the horror stories I've been told about spinal surgery, and she reassured me that all would be fine. She told me to continue to have faith in my Father and to always trust Him and that He would be my protector, she then said she was going to give me something in my IV that would calm me, then she touched the IV bottle. I never saw her inject it with a needle, then she said she had to go.

A few minutes later the doctors came in to get me. My doctor introduced me to the anesthesiologist, and he told me he was going to give me something to calm me. I told him about the nurse and that she already gave me something. They told me that they had no one on their staff who remotely resembled the nurse I described. Then they proceeded. Well I came through the surgery just fine. I told others about what happened and they said I must have dreamed it. I told them I was not asleep and that she really was there. A few weeks later I went to the doctor for follow up and when I went to get my returning appointment, there she was sitting in for the nurse that's normally there. I said to her I knew you existed but what are you doing here and why aren't you at the hospital? She said, "I am a volunteer for the city of Baltimore and I have never been in Maryland General Hospital in my life. Every day I wake up I ask the Lord to use me to help someone!" I told her the Lord had used her in a mighty way and seeing her there at the clinic only confirmed that the Lord had truly sent me an Angel. So I tell you as God is my witness, believe in Angels, they do exist!

Inspiration for Story: It happened to me!