A Voice for the Angels

by Jessica Bernard

Six years ago my life was totally different. Many of us wonder why we are here. At that time I didn't know why, but the truth remains that I was in a constant state of sadness.

Everything changed when I discovered that I had a gift of communicating with my guardian angel and the angels of others. Since then, my life has never been the same.

It has been a precious humbling experience being an intuitive angelic counselor, channeling messages for others in need, hope and elevation of self.

Now I dedicate my time to provide an angelic voice to those in need, to those who intuitively want to know and establish a relationship with their guardian angels. Throughout my work, I have learned to view life in a total different perspective, but most of all, sharing the hope, faith and wisdom of these entities of light.

I am so inspired by them in so many different ways ... I make angel jewelry, greeting cards, teach and share the messages to the world.

The angels are my best friends and each one of you can make them your friends. Now I know what my true purpose of life is.

Inspiration for Story: My deceased mom Clara.