Making Your Workplace a More Exciting, Fun Atmosphere for Your Staff

When it comes to your wholesale beading company, you're in charge of ensuring your business is not only a great place to shop, but a fun place to work. Although it might seem like a frivolous concern, turning your store environment from bland and boring to exciting can play a key role in employee retention.

Even if you're not necessarily someone who is always the life of the party, there are many ways to turn your workplace into an area that people enjoy, whether it's for a long or short shift. If you think your storefront could be more lively and your employees have told you so, there are a few changes you can easily make to revolutionize your beading company.
  • Remove the tension in the air

    The Courier-News reports that one of the simplest ways you can reduce stress levels in the workplace and turn it into a fun place to be is to bring a little laughter to the table. People who feel comfortable enough to make jokes in the office and giggle once in a while are less likely to feel pressured. In turn, this can result in more productivity.

    But what if your workplace has a certain level of tension in the air? No one intends to create this type of atmosphere, but the demands of the job may result in more tension over time. To relieve this attitude from your store, the news source recommends being more forgiving. Learning to quickly forgive and allow matters to roll off your shoulders can release tension and make you seem less intimidating to your colleagues. In the end, this mentality can help you come together as a staff.
  • Create a mingling space states that although it may seem like it will cut into the productivity rate of your business, developing an area where individuals can chat and relax will easily make your workplace a funner place to be. Think of it this way--if your employees have a location where they can de-stress, they'll be more likely to come back to their work motivated and ready to take on the day.

    If you only have a small amount of space to work with, consider turning your break room into an area where people can relax. Encourage your staff to help you decorate the room and transform it into a sanctuary everyone can enjoy.
  • Plan your meetings accordingly

    One way to bring down the mood of your workplace is to hold a series of meetings that your employees don't want to attend. Even if you have good news to share at your gathering, most people feel as if they're wasting their time when they need to pencil a meeting into their day.

    In many instances, you'll find that a meeting is the only way to get certain matters sorted out, but this doesn't mean that you have to bore your audience to death. One way to ensure no one leaves with a frown on his or her face is to keep the conversation light-hearted. Make a few jokes and encourage people to laugh along with you. This will keep the meeting casual and make them less dreadful for your employees in the future.
  • Offer flex time

    In order for your staff members to come into work and be motivated on a regular basis, it helps to show them that you have respect for what they do outside of the store, according to By observing your employees' personal lives and taking them into consideration, you can create deeper relationships and layers of trust.

    One way to express your acknowledgement is to offer flex time. This might mean you allow people to leave earlier on certain days of the week or give individuals the chance to telecommute--these initiatives can show that you truly want your employees to establish a healthy work-life balance. In the end, they'll appreciate the gesture and may show it through more productivity.
  • Create workplace awards and acknowledgements

    Many companies have an "Employee of the Month" or hold a small get-together for those who reach certain milestones at the business, and these are great ways to keep the workplace fun and exciting. If you don't already have a type of reward or recognition system in place, consider creating one to get your employees more involved and boost the mood of your storefront.

    In addition to revolutionizing the atmosphere of your business, you can also give your staff goals to work toward by offering rewards on a routine basis. Although it may seem like you need to put in an ample amount of effort to revamp your storefront attitude, sometimes all it takes is a few of these steps to get the ball rolling.