Better Managing Your Wholesale Beading Blog on a Regular Basis

As a wholesale beading entrepreneur, you might not think that you need to use the Internet on a frequent basis, especially if you operate a storefront rather than an at-home business. However, the internet can be your best asset when it comes to marketing, advertising and reaching out to a wide range of consumers.

If you've never considered the prospect of beginning a blog before, you might want to think about the benefits it can yield. Even if you're not a savvy writer, having a presence on a blog platform can allow you to connect to your customers in a unique way. Whether you want to use it to update people on new beading items or changes within your company, a blog is perfect for all of your needs.

But what if you already have a blog and things simply aren't going as well as you had hoped? Perhaps you aren't adamant about updating it on a frequent basis or you simply don't know how to create engaging posts. Here are a few tips on how to better manage your blog, whether you want to see more traffic or you simply think that you could be using it more efficiently.
  • Spread the responsibility
    If you're regularly feeling bogged down when it comes to your blog, it may be because you're putting too much on your plate. While blogging can be a crucial component to advertising and marketing your beading company, this doesn't mean that it has to be your sole responsibility. If you have a ready and willing staff who can lend a helping hand, let them do so.

    Instead of taking everything on yourself, see if there is a staff member or two who want to routinely make posts on your blog to keep it fresh. Using internal help can go a long way when it comes to relieving yourself of stress and ensuring that your page is intriguing to visitors.
  • Create a schedule
    Whether you are having issues staying on track and updating routinely or your staff members keep dropping the ball, creating a schedule can go a long way. By developing a list of days or times for updates, you can give yourself little reminders on when to create a fresh post. A schedule can help you plan ahead and make time for updates, which might be exactly what you need. If you always feel rushed or like you simply don't have enough time to write on your blog, knowing when you need to do so can help you plan accordingly.
  • Familiarize yourself with hot keywords
    The Huffington Post reports that knowing which keywords are popular can help you work them into your blog posts and attract more traffic. When people type hot keywords into a search engine that are included in your writing, you increase the chances of bringing them to your site.

    Similarly, don't underestimate the power of using tags in your posts. Try to choose general tags (e.g., beading, jewelry) to reach out to more consumers who may be searching for information on these topics. Tags are a great way to make friends with other blog platform users, as well as encourage other people to share your updates.
  • Be interactive reports that in order for your blog to be beneficial and successful long-term, it's crucial that you remain interactive on a regular basis. Whether you have a handful of followers or hundreds of dedicated readers, being interactive can keep everyone coming back for more.

    Be mindful of when individuals comment on your posts and leave feedback on your blog. Try to keep track of how often people share your updates to gauge the success of your site.

    Furthermore, look for tools that encourage people to participate in the conversation. For instance, you can post polls or surveys on your website to not only gain feedback from your customers, but give them a reason to visit your site.
  • Use social media to your advantage
    Although some may argue that blogging is a form of social media in itself, there are certain websites you can use to propel your beading blog and see the results you want. If your company has a Facebook or a Twitter, use these sites to encourage people to visit your blog. Provide a link to the website for easy access, and refer to it on updates on your social media pages.

    On your official company website, don't be shy about advertising your blog. While you don't need to plaster it all over the homepage, consider giving it its own section or a link that can be easily found through the main menu. In the end, these tactics can help you make the most of your blog and manage it easier.