Three Famous Painters of Angels and Cherubs

One trend beading companies appear to be leaning toward is angels. These mythical creatures can be found in everything from books to works of arts, and for good reason. Angels are representative of purity and innocence, and they are thought to have beautiful halos and wings.

For this reason, it seems that angels can be found in a wide range of jewelry these days. But before they became a growing trend, angels could be seen in some of the world's most famous paintings. Talented artists have always been fascinated by angels, and it can be seen in their work. Here are some of the most renowned artists of all time who have been known to depict angels in some of their most famous pieces.

Leonardo da Vinci

In addition to being an inventor and architect, Leonardo da Vinci was also a talented painter. reports that although the artist lived and completed his works in the late 15th century, many of them still live on today.

Perhaps one of the most famous angel paintings that da Vinci completed during his lifetime was The Annunciation. In this piece, the artist depicts the angel Gabriel visiting the Virgin Mary to tell her of her future pregnancy with Jesus Christ, according to Christian religion. This painting is perhaps one of da Vinci's most in-depth depictions of an angel.


Another great painter of the Renaissance was Michelangelo. Throughout his life, he was commissioned by the Catholic Church to create many works of art, including the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Today, the painting still exists, depicting several archangels and cherubs. Michelangelo is also responsible for a painting of The Last Judgement on the wall of the chapel.


Raphael Sanzio lived a shorter life than Michelangelo and da Vinci, though he contributed just as many iconic works, according to Raphael died at the age of 38, but, he completed many different types of work. The artist is known for painting portraits and several depictions of Madonnas.

In addition to these works, Raphael is also credited with creating The Transfiguration and the Sistine Madonna. Both of these pieces have Christian undertones, and the Sistine Madonna contains two winged cherubs. These beings appear to be in deep thought, and these two angels are perhaps the most iconic cherubs in the art world.