Examining the Various Forms and Characteristics of Angels

When it comes to wholesale beading, angels are growing in popularity--and why not? These elegant beings are perfect for traditional and contemporary pieces of beading alike, and they can seamlessly fit into any occasion. Whether you're giving an angel-inspired piece of jewelry as a birthday, anniversary or holiday present, you're sure to impress your loved one with this style of beading.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of angels is their mystical appearance. Many cultures reference angels as having a beautiful glow, as well as a shiny halo. However, there are many theories as to what these beings truly look like.
  • The Gender of Angels

    AngelFocus.com reports that in most instances angels are referred to as being genderless. Many people believe that they simply do not have a human form because they are composed of merely energy, love and light.
  • Angels on Earth

    Often, it's believed that angels can take the appearance of many different beings while on Earth. Many people think that these individuals come in the form of people we are most comfortable with when associating with us. This might mean that an angel could be as unsuspecting as an elderly woman or as adorable as a small child.
  • Common Descriptions of Angels

    Whether in famous works of art, movies or cartoons, there are a few mainstays when it comes to the depiction of angels. First, angels are almost always seen with large, lavish wings that tower over them. Next, many people believe these beings to have golden halos that levitate above their heads.

    However, there are many instances in pop culture when angels are not seen with wings, but rather as humans that look like ordinary people. For example, the show "Touched by an Angel" that aired during the mid '90s included angels who were meant to be disguised as everyday people walking down the street.
  • The Appeal of Cherubim

    One type of angel that tends to show up in decorative pieces, greeting cards and fanciful art is the cherub. This variety of angel is typically depicted as a rosy-cheeked child, smaller than the standard angel, with more than two wings. These baby-faced beings are loved by many for their delicacy and innocence.
Because there are many assumptions of what angels look like, no one can be sure--there is simply no right or wrong answer. Perhaps it's this aspect of the imagination that maintains the general interest in these mystical beings.