Tweaking Your Company's Pinterest to Cater to Consumers

One social networking site that has garnered the interest of business owners and consumers alike is Pinterest. This website allows individuals to post photos of what they love and "pin" them to "boards" on their account. These boards may be categorized according to the pins inside (i.e., food, fashion, culture) and serve as an effective way to share interests across the Web.

As a wholesale beading entrepreneur, you might already be using Pinterest to showcase all that your company has to offer, whether it's jewelry-making supplies or finished designs--but how effective is your account?

Just as with other social networking websites, using Pinterest means taking up a new marketing campaign. This website has the potential to boost your sales and spread the word about your beading company--but are you taking full advantage of all the features that Pinterest has to offer? Are you seeing results through using this social networking website?

If you feel that your posts could be more effective but you are unsure how to go about doing so, here are a few tips to take into account when using Pinterest.

  1. Determine if your company and Pinterest are a good match. notes that some businesses and Pinterest simply aren't a good match. Determining if you mesh well together is the first step toward gauging the efficiency of your page. The question you need to ask yourself when it comes to Pinterest is whether your products and services are visual. Because "pins," or posts on the website are mainly photos, you'll need to make sure your products are worthy of the camera. Ideally, you should have the right equipment to take eye-catching photos of your products in order to make the most of your Pinterest account.
  2. Use the "Pin It" button.

    Pinterest allows people to use the "Pin It" button on product pages, which gives people the opportunity to spread the word about your items on the social networking platform. By simply adding the "Pin It" button, you can increase the chances of consumers visiting your account, making it more efficient in the long-run.
  3. Create group boards.

    Above all else, Pinterest is a website that allows individuals to share their interests with the world. The website has a feature that allows users to create group boards where others can share posts. As a business owner, the group board feature gives you an opportunity to reach out to your consumers and bridge the communication gap. The Huffington Post suggests using group boards to host contests and offer prizes, which can drive traffic. In the end, this can translate into additional followers (and potential customers).
  4. Make it personal.

    You don't have to use your business Pinterest account to talk about what you did last weekend, but you can utilize the website to show that you're more than just an entrepreneur trying to make a profit. Think about creating a board dedicated to your staff where you can introduce your employees and make your company seem more personable. Make a board where you and your employees can post photos of items you personally enjoy. These little efforts can go a long way when it comes to appealing to consumers.
  5. Keep it simple. reports that simplicity is the name of the game on Pinterest. The website is primarily a photo-posting website, meaning individuals use it for the eye candy--clutter takes away from this. One way to make sure you aren't going overboard with your Pinterest is to see if you're grouping things together. Do you have several boards that have one general theme? See if you can eliminate some of them and bring the majority together.

    It's also a good idea to take a look at how you post. Do you simply use a photo, or do you include a lengthy caption? If you typically have a long description tacked onto your posts, you might want to consider abbreviating your captions in order to make them more user friendly. Short and sweet is the name of the game on this social networking platform.

    Pinterest is one of the many social networking websites that continues to revolutionize the way we communicate with each other, as well as how we do business. Whether you've been an entrepreneur for years of you're new to the industry, it's important to consider using these tools to promote and market your business. If you are unsure of how to go about this, don't hesitate to seek a professional. In the end, using the Internet will help you reach out to more people and potentially boost your sales.