Four Jewelry Trends Sweeping the Red Carpet

When it comes to jewelry-making, many people look to Hollywood celebrities for the latest trends. After all, these individuals tend to have access to some of the hottest designers in the industry. Whether you have a big event coming up or you just want to fall in line with the season's hippest styles, you might want to see what A-list celebs are doing on the red carpet.

At prestigious events, stars don their best ensembles and complement them with the perfect accessories. Whether you're into Swarovski beads or you can't get enough of the rose gold that more celebs are flaunting, there's bound to be a red carpet style you love. Here are some of the most notable styles to take advantage of at your next big event:
  • Bib necklaces
    This trend might seem a bit over the top for you, but think twice before you pass on it. More celebs are sporting bib necklaces on the red carpet, making it one of this season's hottest trends. A bib necklace consists of line after line of fine detail, creating one large piece that drapes over the collar of the wearer.

    One woman who recently stepped out in a bib necklace is Freida Pinto, according to InStyle Magazine. Pinto wore a gold bib necklace at the Golden Globes, making heads turn as she walked down the carpet.

    At the end of bib necklaces, certain pieces may be added to create further interest, such as basic or intricate beading. If you're willing to step outside of your comfort zone and try a more daring trend, this might be right up your alley.
  • Heavy earrings
    While many women are used to wearing studs, more Hollywood A-listers are stepping out in long, heavy earrings that seem to steal the show from their outfits. Dana Oliver, beauty editor of, states although studs once reigned supreme, elaborate earrings are definitely making a comeback.

    Furthermore, these earrings can be seen on numerous celebrities as they flaunt their best on the red carpet. Some women who have been spotted wearing these baubles are Mary J. Blige, Mary Kate Olsen and Heidi Klum. As most women will tell you, it's no easy task to go for hours at a time, wearing earrings that are easily captured by the wind and caught in hair. However, this is one sacrifice that many are willing to make in the name of fashion and beauty.
  • Platinum
    When it comes to materials used in jewelry seen on the red carpet, platinum reigns supreme, according to Elle. Everything from bangles to necklaces are being spotted in platinum, a shiny, silver-colored metal that has more value to it in some cases than gold.

    Whether it's a platinum ring or earrings, this metal is often seen as the highlight of any ensemble. While you might not be heading to a red carpet event any time soon, keep this trend in mind if you happen to be invited to a swanky cocktail party want to feel like an A-lister.
  • Statement jewelry
    Another trend that continues to be popular on the red carpet and around Hollywood is statement jewelry. According to Angie Cox as, statement jewelry is interesting, attractive and relatively eye catching items that reflect your personatlity. This can be anything from a necklace including large beading or a ring with a larger-than-life stone at the center.

    Statement jewelry is popular for a number of reasons. Although it might seem overwhelming to sport on a regular basis, the right piece can help you pull an outfit together. Furthermore, it can eliminate the need to wear several accessories to complement your ensemble.
Whether you choose a bangle or an oversized pendant to wear around your neck, you can't go wrong with a piece of statement jewelry.

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