Famous Paintings Depicting Angels

Angels are everywhere you look, from film to television to jewelry designs--and with good reason. These beautiful beings are renowned for having a radiant glow that naturally draws attention. Angels are also acknowledged as do-gooders here on Earth.

Centuries ago, artists were mystified by the idea of angels. They were commonly depicted as women in paintings and sculptures, flawlessly crafted and exhibited for their beauty. Here are some of the most popular pieces of art that are renowned for their display of angels.

The Triumph of the Galatea

A painting by Renaissance artist Raphael was originally commissioned by Agostino Chigi and completed in 1512, according to ArtRevived.com. The piece represents the love affair between Galatea and Polyphemus. The two characters are surrounded by angels in the painting. The angels are holding bows and arrows, presumably striking Galatea and Polyphemus with love.

The Sacrifice of Issac

One of Rembrandt's most famous paintings representing angels is "The Sacrifice of Issac." In this piece, an angel is stopping Abraham from giving Issac up to God. The painting was completed around 1634, according to AngelFocus.com, and is now renowned for its beauty and representation of drama.

The Cherubs

Raphael is renowned for painting cherubs--baby angels who have small wings and rosy cheeks. In one painting titled "The Sistine Madonna," the artist depicts two contemplative cherubs looking up at the rest of the larger picture. This piece is composed of several dark golden and brown hues which give it a melancholy feeling despite the subject matter being fairly upbeat--beautiful, good-natured angels.

The Annunciation

This painting was developed by none other than the master himself--Leonardo da Vinci. "The Annunciation" represents the Virgin Mary from Christianity being addressed by an angel--the two are representative of the coming of her baby.

Some of the key characteristics of the angel in this painting are its lavish, large wings which extend across the painting. In variations of the piece, many artists also choose to dress the angel in a red robe that cascades down his body while he positions himself on one knee.

Numerous types of angels are featured in jewelry designs today, ranging from adults to baby cherubs, which have a delicate nature. Many people refer to them as the good that embodies everyday life and even miracles.