by Dan Day, Marketing Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Most of us enjoy pleasant surprises, especially when they come in the form of an unexpected gift from someone who cares about us. It can be for any special occasion: a birthday, a holiday, a thank you for a party or special event, but probably the best surprise is the one which comes for no reason at all except to show appreciation, affection and support.

There may be a person in your life during the past year who has acted as your "guardian angel." Perhaps they helped you with a serious problem or have simply been a supportive friend. Take the opportunity to pay-it-forward this holiday season and be someone else's angel. It's the small things that provide the extra support they'll need and appreciate.

Many of us know someone affected by a natural disaster, like the recent Superstorm Sandy that hit the East Coast. So much was lost including heirlooms, personal jewelry and beading supplies. The good will gesture of a jewelry-making gift certificate may help replace some lost items and bring a hopeful smile as they rebuild. Gift certificates can be more than just a nice present, they can be a heartfelt way to show support.

Ordering gift certificates is easy. Just choose the delivery of the gift certificate electronically via email or have a paper certificate delivered via traditional mail (no shipping charge if you select standard delivery). Next, select the value of the gift certificate starting at $10 and going up in increments to $500. You can personalize your e-mail gift certificate with a design, greeting and message, set the delivery date and with a few more clicks to finalize purchase, you're all set!

Take your turn to act as someone's "guardian angel" with a gift certificate for a Christmas gift or an "unexpected gift" that will brighten their day.

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