Extraterrestrial Gemstones: Futuristic Inspiration, Right for Our Times

Extraterrestrial Gemstones: Futuristic Inspiration, Right for Our Times

by Brett Wilder, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

The Earth is peppered with space-born stones where meteorites have landed. Incorporating extraterrestrial stones into space-age jewelry designs will produce ideal accessories for the sci-fi inspired styles that have been spotted on fashion runways. The future is now--it's time to design with amazing gems delivered direct from the far reaches of the cosmos.

Tektite Gemstone Beads and Components
Meteorites can generate enormous heat when they strike our planet; tektite is made of Earth minerals that melted to form a distinctive glass when superheated by a meteorite impact. Tektite is readily available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Its irregular form, glassy appearance and dramatic creation story makes tektite an intriguing conversation piece. Tektite is often pitted with crater-like dimples, some of which are probably just the right size to hold Swarovski crystals--picture an asteroid and twinkling stars in one unique component!

The pallasite meteorite takes the form of light yellow-green olivine crystals suspended in an iron-nickel matrix, much like the chips in a chocolate-chip cookie. Olivine crystal is what we commonly call peridot--a gemstone that also occurs here on Earth. The terrestrial peridot is identical to its E.T. cousin, and its bright glow is ideal for jewelry designs that will flatter any Earthling.

Photo Courtesy of Doug Bowman

Peridot Gemstone Beads
Green Tourmaline Gemstone Beads
Green Tourmaline

Another little green visitor from space is moldavite, which takes the shade of a deep "bottle" yellow-green. While moldavite is difficult to source for consistent jewelry production, its look is closely approximated by green tourmaline.

Just imagine the appeal of innovative designs with otherworldly origins--why not combine green tourmaline, peridot, tektite and some abstract components for a head-turning creation that will generate a "Big Bang?"

Photo Courtesy of H. Raab

It's fascinating to realize that jewelry-making is a career that rivals astronaut in its potential for close encounters with outer-space objects. Project your imagination to the far reaches of the universe--then lay your hands upon the raw materials that bring outer space to Earth to make your visions into beautiful realities.

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