The Power of Words

The Power of Words

by Kristal Wick, Author, Designer and Instructor, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Poet and Nobel Prize for Literature recipient, Rudyard Kipling stated, "Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind." From the dark depths of devastation of a "Dear Jane" letter in junior high school to the joy of a new baby announcement; words can bring us to our knees or elevate us to new energetic heights of bliss. They're really just combinations of simple squiggles and lines yet imbue powerful meaning with a glance. Whether it's a statement of survival, a reminder to laugh often and love much or a proud statement of support for a favorite sport team, there's no denying the power of words and their effect on us.

Wordsmithing your Jewelry

So, what could be better than combining words with our passion for the ultimate in statements? Here are a few ideas to add to your jewelry designs:

  • Praise
  • Encouragement
  • Direction
  • Sentiment

Everyone I know likes praise; humans and pets respond positively and even wag their tails (the pets that is) in response to an encouraging comment. I know for myself, I forget the importance of praising my loved ones. When we praise someone else it makes not only the other person feel good, but ourselves as well. It's well known that everyone who witnesses an act of kindness or praise benefits from it on an energetic level. Praising others makes them feel more valued, accepted and successful. So how about a surprise backpack clip or a little necklace tucked into your kid's lunch box with one of these loving reminders: be yourself, be kind and follow your heart. How about a key ring for a veteran boldly honoring them for their dedication with Home of the Brave or other military-themed charm dangle.

Go For It

Sometimes encouragement to a friend about following a dream such as an artistic endeavor or following their heart, can impact their life and give them a caring nudge more than you know. Who doesn't love a cheerleader in their corner no matter what age? Perhaps you have a friend or family member toying with the idea of starting her own business, this dream believe achieve cuff could be just the talisman to aid them in moving forward and taking the plunge! We never know how our words influence ourselves and others which is why it's important to pay attention and choose them wisely.

Chill Out

As an English major in college I didn't get to read many books of my choosing since my time was taken up reading the great literary classics. I remember my great delight being able to read anything I wanted after graduation! Now, many years later, my time is so crunched that reading a book for enjoyment seems like an indulgent luxury so I decided to make some bookmarks with powerful reminders to simplify and balance my life; slow down and breathe once in awhile. Read a great book!


Offer thoughts of love, togetherness and friendship. Whether your best friend is a human or in my case my pups, let them know it! Glue a few flat back crystal rhinestones in their birthstone color on a charm for a personal touch of bling!

Explore the wonderful world of words in your jewelry for a totally different type of meaningful design!

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