Designing in White

Design Idea 88GS Earrings
by Brett Wilder, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

White has broken out of its wedding/tennis/post-Memorial Day traditions to become a year-round power color for clothing, shoes and, of course, jewelry. Color Theory--the study of colors, their properties and their effect on the viewer--characterizes white as clean, cool, fresh and pure. These associations relate quite naturally to winter snow, summer sun, fall sparseness and new spring growth.

Designing in White Pearl has earned its place as the go-to gem for white jewelry. The white pearl hits all the marks for high appeal, featuring a shiny-yet-soft visual texture and curved surfaces that enhance the interplay of light and shadow. Swarovski crystal pearls are created to accentuate these natural properties to maximum effect. Most importantly, pearls look great on every woman.

Designing in white offers a terrific and diverse choice of materials. White manmade components range from acrylic to porcelain to Swarovski's "white opal" stones and pearls. White gemstone choices include white marble, magnesite, moonstone, quartz, agate and many more. Remember, too, that clear components will generally translate to white when worn with white clothing.

When designing white jewelry for a specific client, or with the intention of selling to the broad market, it's valuable to bear in mind that different skin tones look their best with different shades of white; "cool" skin tones have a bluish undertone and look fine with pure whites, while more yellow/gold "warm" skin tones benefit from off-whites. White designs can also be tweaked by using metal components that will flatter the wearer; see what a difference it makes when white designs are paired with either gold- or silver-colored metals.

Far from a non-color, white is technically the result of combining the entire light spectrum--what could possibly be more colorful? Stay tuned to Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' color and fashion updates, and your designs will stay a step ahead of the trends.

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