Throw Off Sparks with Rhinestone Cupchain

Design Idea ME4D Earrings
by Roberta, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Rhinestone cupchain has long been used to simply add color to fashion accessories. It has now become popular to create bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry designs that feature rhinestones of contrasting hues, tones and unexpected mixes of color. Whether the look is rock chic or romantic, Bohemian or vintage, colored rhinestone mixes are throwing off lots of sparkle in jewelry designs. Rhinestone cupchain, with its radiant shine, gives jewelry and accessories stand-out flare.

Rhinestone has evolved dramatically from its vintage heritage. Rhinestone cupchain offers a contemporary spin that’s fresh and electric. As a supporting role for today's bold dramatic style, cupchain is joined with big, chunky gemstones on wide bangles. Paired with strands of pearls, rhinestone cupchain is daringly elegant. Hair clips, pins and headbands fitted with rhinestone elements provide a provocative twinkle.

Design Idea NB2U Bracelet

Rhinestones are commonly used as a suitable stand-in for the look of diamonds. And, with cupchain's long-lasting plated finishes in gold and silver, it gives the appearance of precious metal without the price. Jewelry designers love the versatility of rhinestone cupchain. It can be cut to make shorter bracelet-length chains, or connected with cupchain connecters to create longer, dramatic draping necklace lengths. The individual links can be glued onto mountings or sewn onto fabrics. Cupchain can even be soldered!

Do more than think outside the box ... break the rules! Weave rhinestone cupchain into anything and everything that has links such as handbag handles. Design brooches with a mix of contrasting colors. Attach stacked rows of cupchain on shoe heels. Use glue or Apoxie® Sculpt to affix cupchain to cuffs for a faux pavé style. Create sparkling links in multi-chain designs by adding cupchain and connectors to ends of cut chain sections.

Mix it up with rhinestone cupchain to create on-trend jewelry lines for 2013 and beyond!

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