Beadalon® Tools: Banding Pliers and Improved Coiling Gizmo®

by Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Designer and Instructor,
Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Wire-Banding Pliers from Beadalon®

Square wire-wrappers will have a taste of nirvana with the introduction of two new pairs of wire-banding pliers. Banding, for those less familiar with the phrase, is a process of wrapping half-round wire (or square wire) around a few lengths of square wire. The banding keeps the square wire in order and provides structure to the gathered wire.

When banding wire together, the goal is to make the design neat, the bends crisp so they hold the wires securely in place and the finish in the wire impeccable, all of which is now easier to accomplish with banding pliers. Designed by professional wirewrapping artist Wyatt White, these two new pairs of banding pliers create precise double right angles for banding 24 to 20 gauge square wire.

Each pair of banding pliers has a channel on one side and a form, or plunger, on the other. Half-round (or square wire) is placed across the channel. When the pliers are closed, the wire is pressed into the channel forming two right angles spaced the correct distance apart for fitting over the gauge wire you are banding. One pair of pliers is suited to create the band to precision wrap a set of 20 or 21 gauge square wires. The second pair works with 22 or 24 gauge square wires.
Design Idea B89S Bracelet

Design Idea B89S

The Coiling Gizmo® Improved!

Introducing the new Coiling Gizmo® Deluxe Econo Winder for quick, easy and more versatile wire coiling. For years this coiling device has been a wireworker's favorite gadget, and now it's improved to offer more sizes in crank rods, which means more variety in coils. Now sold with 5 crank rods instead of 2, you’ll have the ability to create a greater range of coil diameters.

The original thin crank rod diameter measured 1.75mm (approximately 13 gauge) and the thick rod measured 3.52mm (approximately 8 gauge). Both rods could make a 6-inch coil. The bracket had two punched holes to insert the 2 rods into and it was designed to be hand-held or clamped to a tabletop. The tool fit very nicely in a toolbox for storage.
Order Number H20-4085TL

Order H20-4085TL

Welcome improvements were made to the bracket and clamping system as well as to the variety of crank rod diameters. The crank rods can generate from thin, delicate coils for teeny-tiny beads to heavier coils for sturdy jumprings.

The rods now measure approximately:

Order H20-4085TL Design Idea A62X Earrings

Design Idea A62X

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