A Time to Cry

by Toni Embry

My youngest son has always been very active and into everything, but he survived childhood and grew into a beautiful young man. His problem was he became addicted to drugs and in and out of rehab. He was also bipolar and needed to be on medication, but could not get it as long as he was using. He hanged himself when he was only 26 years old. This was the most devastating time in my life. I cried for days on end and felt there was nowhere to turn to find joy in my life again.

Fortunately, one day I happened on a book about the different levels of angels. As I thumbed through this book, I came upon a paragraph where it said that everyone has a guardian angel and that if you ask your angel, they will tell you their name.

I poohed that off as rubbish, and my mood remained the same. At the time, I would write for hours on the computer trying to remember everything about my son I could, for fear I would forget some of it. As I was typing, and this was probably about two months after his death, I started crying uncontrollably and turned around and looked up and said, "Ok my guardian angel, if you're there then I need you to tell me your name. I need to know you are there because I don't think I can go on."

I continued typing and then went into the kitchen to start supper. After supper I went back to the computer and in the middle of typing more information, I heard very clearly in my left ear, "Zachariah." I was quite astonished and turned to see if someone was in the room with me. No one was there. I asked into the air, "Are you trying to tell me you are there and your name is Zachariah?" There was no answer of course, but a calm came over me that I had not felt for two months. I knew my guardian angel was there with me and that his name was Zachariah. I talked with my angel every day and I know to this day, my angel kept me from killing myself. The angels are there and all we have to do is call upon them. The irony of it all is at my son's funeral, we played the song, "Calling all Angels." I guess I just didn't pay attention.

Inspiration for Story: The Unthinkable