Style Snapshot: Be Transparent Style Snapshot: Be Transparent
by Barbara van Look, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

We insist on transparency from the people and institutions around us. It's important to show you have nothing to hide--which is why transparent components and materials are being utilized in jewelry and accessories.

From hard acrylics to soft vinyls, transparent styles are showing up across the globe. Styles can be minimalist and unadorned to go with everything--or embellished with sparkling stones, layered with crisp white and creamy eggshell and accented with pops of bright color for go-everywhere summer looks.

See what's beneath the surface in this trend. Some pieces display cutaways with clear areas showing the underlying structure, clear surfaces over previous layers patterns and bright colors, or clear jewelry with embedded floating objects. Clarity can also distort, with patterns covered with transparent crystal or faceted glass, creating multiple images of transparency that simultaneously conceal and reveal.

Designers such as Jenny Packham, Stella McCartney and Valentino are showing the world that crystal clear and tinted transparent styles are a clear winner for the seasons ahead.

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Make your jewelry-making transparent by creating your own components and jewelry pieces using a selection of clear materials.

Jewelry makers can use the Deep Flex™ bracelet molds to create their own transparent bangles, and embellish with the color or sparkle their customers crave. Accessories designers can form sheets of translucent liquid Kato Polyclay™ for folding and shaping around other layers. And designers of all types can embed flowers, butterfly wings and other objects in ICE Resin® or layer translucent or clear art glass over patterns, pictures and printed fabrics. Layers can also be embellished with faceted glass or crystal components, creating kaleidoscope designs from simple backgrounds.
Style Snapshot: Be Transparent

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