Peace Doves for Me

by Jessica

When my husband was sick recently, I left his hospital room to pray in the chapel there. I was resting and praying and happened to doze off on the couch in this peaceful room. When I woke I heard my Grandmother’s name and caught a glimpse of her leaving the room when I looked up! I thought, cool someone has the same name as my Grama', and went back to my husband’s room. Sat down and proceeded to make three connecting peace doves out of an envelope that was by his bed! I don't know how to make connecting anything, and was so full of a feeling of peace when I unfolded this tiny paper, and there they were. My Grandmother had always had peace doves on her tree and given one to me many years ago--white peace doves were her favorite. And on the day we left that place, my husband and I went to say a prayer in this chapel and when we entered we looked up and guess what was right in front of us? A large white peace dove--hanging plain as day right in front of us! And when I went home that day, I went to our Christmas tree and the very first thing I saw was the white peace dove my Grandmother had given to me! Everywhere I went that first week or so I was seeing white peace doves--so many that I lost count! And each time I saw one, I was with my husband! Thanks Gram--you're my angel and we will always remember!

Inspiration for Story: Grandma T, my sweet Spirit!