Link Up with a Beading Group

Link Up with a Beading Group

by Brett Wilder, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Beading is a fulfilling way to take a break from daily distractions and focus on your individual artistic passions. At the same time, there's just something special about enjoying creativity with a group of people who share your interests. Taking part in a beading group provides a way to make new friends, exchange ideas and techniques, gain inspiration and inspire others.

Humans are essentially social beings, and while the internet offers a terrific way to explore interests, shop, access the news and keep in touch, it cannot take the place of face-to-face interaction. A beading group offers the opportunity to take the skills you may have honed by yourself and expanded upon with the help of the internet and apply them in a social setting.

So, how can you form or join a beading group?
  • Contact your friends and family to see who may be interested, and to get help with spreading the word
  • Inquire at local bead and craft-supply stores about existing groups
  • Check your local supermarkets for bulletin boards to post flyers seeking like-minded area beaders and jewelry makers
  • Run an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper
  • Put the internet to work: a quick Google search may reveal beading groups in your area. User-friendly websites like craigslist and meetup act as public electronic bulletin boards that have the potential to reach many other beaders.
If your group is small, rotate meetings in different members' homes; as your group grows larger, you may be able to find meeting space at a local community center, school or house of worship.

Make a Group Effort

Shared projects can help nurture a sense of togetherness. For instance, a "12 Months of Beading" plan can lay out monthly group projects that reflect different seasons, holidays or style trends. Each member can contribute design ideas and lend their individual skills to the project. This not only offers structure, it also encourages cooperation and interaction while allowing each artist to shine in his or her own special way. Jewelry-Making Projects

Bead a Good Neighbor!

Circle of Hope Beads by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads More than just wonderful group of talented artists, your beading group can be a great way to get involved with the community and support charitable causes. You can raise money by holding jewelry sales or conducting beading classes for beginners. Take part as a group in events like raffle sales, bake sales or charity walks. Some charities may ask you to use your beading directly, like the Circle of Hope for breast cancer awareness, which collected original beaded creations that were in turn sold for many years.

A String of Benefits

When you are ready to seek inspiration from others, there are sure to be plenty of folks who are ready and eager to have your company in a beading group. While beading and jewelry-making are ideal occupations to enjoy by oneself, there are always some great ideas that you don't have, which your new friends will be happy to share. Pool materials and supplies, develop life-enriching personal contacts, reach out to the wider community and look forward to a special appointment with some exceptional people each and every week--or more often, if you like. Happy group beading!

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