Fun, Festive and Easy Holiday Earrings

Fun, Festive and Easy Holiday Earrings

by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

It's fun to be festive around the holidays and bring cheer wherever you go. What's a better way than wearing a bit of celebratory sparkle? Christmas tree earrings are a tried and true favorite design, not to mention quick and easy to make and sell. There are so many more opportunities than just trees though, for your holiday jewelry lines. Here is a gift from us to you: four holiday-themed earring design templates simply waiting for your creativity to unwrap the possibilities. Finish each design with a simple or wrapped loop for a professional finish.

Sugarplum Dreams

... will dance through your mind as customers dip their hands into dozens of your delectable candy creations. Whip up a batch of quick and cute earrings to look like cellophane-wrapped sweet treats or candy canes.

Earrings resembling sugary sweets enveloped in crinkling cellophane will have Willy Wonka himself jealous. On a headpin, place shiny squares, rectangles, ovals, rounds, or any shape on your wish list, between Czech glass flower cones to create earrings that look good enough to twist open and taste.

One of the most iconic holiday confections is the candy cane. Select Crystal Passions® crystal faceted rounds or bicones in red and white (or clear), string onto a headpin and gently shape into a curve. Finish with a loop for attaching embellishments or affix an earnut with G-S Hypo cement to the end of the headpin. No need to stick to traditional red and white; these days, candy canes are manufactured in all kinds of colors just waiting to be used in your earring recipes.

Fun, Festive and Easy Holiday Earrings Fun, Festive and Easy Holiday Earrings Fun, Festive and Easy Holiday Earrings

The Perfect Gift

... might be a pair of adorable present earrings topped with a beautiful bow. Who doesn't enjoy receiving an original and thoughtful present? Easy-to-make gift box earrings keep on giving each time they are worn.

Begin with a headpin, drop on a faceted Crystal Passions cube bead and add a metal-toned bow. Create designs with a flurry of imagination by personalizing earrings with sparkling embellishments added on top of bow beads. Tie thin ribbon or colored wire around the cube bead and into a bow. Stack multiple graduated cube beads for a plethora of presents. Don't place your creativity in a box--gift wrap it instead!

Fun, Festive and Easy Holiday Earrings Fun, Festive and Easy Holiday Earrings

Trim the Tree

... and customers' ears with decorative baubles that resemble ornaments. The stockings won't be the only items hung with care this season. Utilize holiday color schemes or create lines of ornaments in colors of your heart's desire. Easily personalize designs in customer favorite or requested colors and materials for a cheerful bottom line.

Glass rounds are an ideal material for earring ornamentations due to their spectacular refraction of light, which will draw attention to your creations. More delightful options are rubberized acrylic beads or Cool Frost Resin Beads™ that exude a gentle sheen and seem almost to glow from within, calling to mind cozy nights roasting chestnuts on an open fire. Thread a bead cap onto a headpin, add the main ornamentation, another bead cap of a larger size, or corrugated rondelle beads work as well, and finish with any extra sparkle. Make simple loops larger than normal to resemble the scale of tree ornaments.

Fun, Festive and Easy Holiday Earrings Fun, Festive and Easy Holiday Earrings

Frosty the Snowman

... was a jolly happy soul and snowman earrings are sure to bring about the same sentiments. Pick your components for the body to create two- or three-tiered snowmen and don't forget "that old top hat they found."

Try cat's eye for chatoyant fiber optics that shine like the sun on a newly fallen snow bank. Glass and crystal are similar to intricate icicles dangling from the eaves. Shiny or matte pearls, as well as plastic rounds, are another beautiful option for bringing your own Frosty to life. Drop the round body components of your choice onto a headpin. Optionally thread bead caps or rondelles as separators between the head and body. Next, use a squaredelle bead or Czech pressed glass rondelle bead for the hat brim. Top with a cube bead in a color that matches your selected hat brim. When customers put these earrings on, they may begin to dance around just as ol' Frosty himself did.

Fun, Festive and Easy Holiday Earrings Fun, Festive and Easy Holiday Earrings Fun, Festive and Easy Holiday Earrings

Personalize each type of holiday earring template to make every piece unique. Try one, try them all--you will have as much fun making them as those who wear them. Give the gift of your creative jewelry touch. With so many cute designs, wish lists sent to Santa may end up twice as long this year. Maybe Santa Claus himself will even pick up a pair or two for the Mrs.

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