What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around
by Donna, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Design Idea D11V Bracelet One of the trendiest looks that continues to show up is karma/yoga bracelets. These use a wide range of materials from hemp, leather, waxed cotton cord or silk with multiple wrappings and gemstone accents. Who doesn't want good karma? They are fun to wear and fun to give. Many sites are using karma bracelets as the segue into charitable donations--not only do you get "good karma" but you give to a worthy charity as well--it's a win/win situation. The popular saying, "What goes around comes around," applies to karma.

You can find karma bracelets with metaphysical properties considered or maybe it's the color combinations and use of primary metals and organics that draw attention. From wood beads, with symbolic impressions to brass, copper, bronze and gunmetal findings to nut beads and gemstones which add appeal and personality, these bracelets are often worn in multiples or at least multiple wrappings.

The infinity symbol and eternity circle are popular to use (or include), but you can be creative and use anything that is symbolic to you: angel wings, hand of Fatima, OM symbols, tree of life, sparrows, etc. One belief is that karma is made by things that happened to you--put some good karma in your life by using the symbols that are most important, to remind you to push some good karmic vibrations out to those around you and let your inner light shine. Karma Symol Components

Gemstone Components Tigereye, jasper, carnelian and rose quartz have always had an association to strong metaphysical properties; you can read more about the metaphysical properties of gemstones in Gem Notes. Just select your favorite gemstone and click to find the metaphysical/healing properties and design possibilities. Please note that the metaphysical and/or healing properties are from a variety of sources and for informational purposes only.
  • A fun design is Design Idea D11V using andalusite, and red creek jasper, clear Accu-Flex┬« professional-quality beading wire and a sterling silver owl charm
  • Create a lashed wrap bracelet like Design Idea B15F using jasper, wood and nut beads and leather. Make as many wraps as you like.
  • Design Idea BBBC is a triple-strand bracelet using wood beads, black agate and turquoise with sea urchin shell beads in beautiful color combinations, hemp stringing material and a wide range of possibilities to personalize

  • Design Idea BA6K allows you to write your own personal mantra or design in a double-strand bracelet with a steampunk edge to it. This design uses amethyst, pewter, pearls and brass components. Find your design and add your own personal mantra for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.
Whichever design idea appeals--make it original, make it yours and let your own light shine through.

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What Goes Around Comes Around
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