Sandy Hook Angels

by Cathy Hydeck

I live in Newtown, CT. I worked for the Board of Education for ten years. I knew some of the people that were lost in the Sandy Hook School shooting. We live in a wonderful town and we were all devastated by what happened here. My young adult children got involved in the "love is louder than violence" movement here in town. I decided to make angel bracelets to give out to people. I didn't do it to collect money because enough people were working on that. I just wanted to feel better and help other people feel better. Making the bracelets was my therapy. On the card that comes with the bracelet, I ask that the person do 26 acts of kindness. So far, I have given away over 850 bracelets. I started getting requests for them from friends and relatives across the country. Then people started emailing telling me some of the things they did for their acts of kindness and asking for bracelets for friends. Nothing will change what happened here in Newtown, all we can do is try to make the world a better place any way we can.

Inspiration for Story: Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy