Style Snapshot: Rose Gold--Seed of Fresh Jewelry Designs

Design Idea D418 Bracelet

by Brett Wilder, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Where does your creativity take you when selecting a metal color for your jewelry designs? If you're reading this, you clearly pay attention to jewelry fashion trends, so chances are you're already looking for more ways to use rose gold in your designs.

A recent Trend Finder alert from states, "Rose gold, a slightly pink hue of gold, is the perfect way to update a classic accessory in a chic, modern and trendy way." Some jewelry blogs have called rose gold "the most feminine gold," and indeed its character is ultra warm and soft, which lends itself to ultra-feminine fashions. Rose gold is also flattering on a wide range of skin types--always a plus for making your designs look as good on the customer as they do in the display case. It's also no secret that renowned crystal manufacturer Swarovski is known for setting jewelry trends rather than following them; the color crystal rose gold is prominently featured in Swarovski's latest collection of dazzling innovations.

Rose gold is made by mixing copper with gold, and it offers different color interplay than either of its component metals. Bracelet design idea D418 makes full use of rose gold bead caps, clasps, tube beads and other components. The palace green opal Swarovski crystals are taken to a different and dramatic realm when set among rose gold elements. The Swarovski crystal rose gold components are a natural part of the design--and while this color technically "matches" the metal, the reflective quality of crystals' facets and finish is a variation on the theme rather than a mere repetition.

Rose gold has the wonderful property of providing a transition between one metal and another, expanding opportunities to create exciting multi-metal designs. Necklace design idea D20V demonstrates how well rose gold plays with a broader mix of materials in a more freestyle design. Used with other metals as it is here, rose gold's gentle color creates a graceful bridge of sorts between yellow gold and the brighter, redder copper.
Style Snapshot: Rose Gold--Seed of Fresh Jewelry Designs

Style Snapshot: Rose Gold--Seed of Fresh Jewelry Designs And don't be afraid that soft rose gold will wilt away when used with bold, dark colors. As you can see in design idea 98HM, it holds its own quite well even when paired with deep-blue lapis lazuli gemstone beads.

All these examples demonstrate that, rather than presenting an under-explored challenge, rose gold offers a versatile aid to on-trend jewelry designing. Add rose gold to your garden of creativity and beautiful new possibilities will bloom quite naturally.
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