Angel Sent from Heaven

by Vivian Bailey

Randy, is my Angel.

We were going through a very bad deal with a real estate broker who was giving us some real tall tales and lots of problems. She knew we were out of state and continued to make up stories and charging us for work that was not being done from a friend of hers. She cost us a lot of money considering we had a little mobile home. I guess she thought we were stupid. This dragged on the 3 months and we were at our wits end.

I had just spoken to her and was really upset and the phone rang right away again, my heart sank. I picked up the phone. With all the energy I could muster I said "Hello?" and I heard this voice say, "Vivian, is this the Vivian that helped me get my hair salon going?" My great friend. I said, "Yes. Oh Randy how good to hear from you."He said, "Just listen. I have to be careful but she is the owner, and I am a broker here in her office. I will tell her what she is doing to you." He said, "I will talk to her and tell her I know what she is up to and I will tell her clients if she does not stop it and get this deal through." I knew God had sent me an angel. My heart was at peace instantly. The deal went through in 10 more days. I never heard from Randy again. Very strange but I knew he was my angel. I said to my friend in the office, "Do you believe in Angels," and he said, "I guess?" I said I just heard from my angel. He gave me this really weird look, I think he thought I was losing it. We never spoke about it again. There have been other times when I have witnessed angels' presences and then after a lot of thinking spoke to others in the room and they had the same feelings as I did. Yes, there are Angels.

Inspiration for Story: God has touched me at times of despair even when I did not realize I needed help. He also used me as his angel. "It is a very odd feeling when he takes over your mouth and mind but it is so rewarding. I too have been sent to give his word to people. We are all put her for a reason. I feel we are all angels at times. Even if we do not know it at the time.