Creating Masterpieces from Inexpensive Pre-Made Jewelry

by Barbara van Look, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Jewelry masterpieces that sell don't demand high up-front outlays of cash. Create large quantities of jewelry in record time, broaden your customer appeal, design unified collections with less work and less cash up front and go green--all in with one simple step: Finished jewelry pieces are especially great for production work: it's easy to interchange, replace and update components for transitioning from season to season. You'll save money, too--buying jewelry mixes and assortments can bring your cost per necklace as low as 50 cents each. Finished jewelry makes customization easier and can re-stock your jewelry-making supplies with novelty components, too. You're not limited to just cutting the piece apart for all the beads. You have options!

Use This Technique

Re-purposing and upcycling parts of our finished jewelry designs let you save time, save money and expand your creativity. They can also help you offer easy customization using an expanded selection of pendants, drops and pre-strung strand components with jump rings and interchangeable bails. Personalization of purchases is a hot selling point for many customers in both items they purchase for themselves or as gifts. And picking up a few packages of our bracelet mixes and necklace mixes will give you a wide variety of components to offer.

Creating Masterpieces from Inexpensive Pre-Made Jewelry

Here are a number of ways you can use finished jewelry pieces in your own collections and creations:

  • Remove focals, pendants and centerpieces from one design and attach them to another ...
  • Or use the detached focals on ready-to-wear chains, cords and neckwires. Great for unisex designs!
  • Turn bracelets into necklaces with attached chain--or turn necklaces into wrap-style and other kinds of bracelets
  • Re-use double-drilled bracelet components as spacer bars in necklace designs
  • Use colorful glass and resin finger rings as loop or hoop components, easily attached with wirework, Loop Locks™, large jump rings and other findings
Ready-To-Wear Cords Colorful Acrylic and Resin Rings
  • Salvage jewelry with broken components, then replace or embellish the pieces into a fresh, new look
  • Turn earring drops into pendants--and vice versa!
  • Remove the clasps from the jump rings of single-strand designs, then attach many of them to a larger clasp for easy multi-strand jewelry
  • Turn multi-strand designs into single-strand designs the opposite way (use multiple finishes to create quick-n-easy mixed metal designs)
  • The oldest standby: cut it apart to completely re-purpose every bead and component
Necklace Mixes Bracelet Mixes

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