Embellished Clothing: Bring Your Fabric to Life
Embellished Clothing: Bring Your Fabric to Life
by Bryan Nealy, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Bright, dazzling embellishments are a hot, eye-catching trend burning up red carpets and runways around the world. Couturiers around the world are busy adorning their designs with crystals, sequins and gemstones, but this look is not confined to movie stars and models. With vast amounts of resources available, there are endless opportunities to transform your lifeless piece of fabric into a living piece of art.

Embellished sweaters, skirts and pants are a popular fashion week trend from New York to Milan, but the opulent trend is hardly new. In the Byzantine Empire, Justinian and the men of the Senatorial class wore jewels on their garments to display their rank and stature. In the 14th century, Europe emerged from the Dark Ages and clothing became more experimental; men and women wore jewel-embellished clothing. Fast forward to the early 20th century. Women in 1920s America discarded social and style canons and ushered in the era of modern fashion; highly embellished outfits were a staple of the Flapper.
Embellished Clothing: Bring Your Fabric to Life

The design possibilities are plentiful with this look. You can do anything from accenting a casual shirt to recreating a Great Gatsby style evening gown. Replace the old buttons on a denim jacket with a set of dazzling Swarovski buttons or create a sparkling design on your sweater with Swarovski rose pins. No matter what design you settle on, one thing is for certain: the clash of soft fabric and solid embellishments create a bold and confident energy.

For the DIY fashion designer, embellishment options include sequins, pearls, gemstone beads, rhinestones and a great selection of embellishments from Swarovski. The Swarovski Crystal ApplicatorĀ® tool is a must-have for the at-home designer. Combined with the correct die set, the Crystal Applicator quickly and easily fastens Swarovski rivets, buttons, snaps and rose pins to any fabric.

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