Style Snapshot: Stacked Bracelets Bracelets
by Brett Wilder, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

From celebrities to models to stylish women on the streets of cities and suburbia, everybody with a flair for accessorizing is up to her elbows in fashionable stacked bracelets. And with good reason--this trend is pure eye candy, mixing styles, colors and textures for a go-anywhere, Boho-chic look that is easy and fun to achieve. And it doesn't have to cost much to pull it off to great effect.

This is one trend in which more is definitely more. Wearing the stacked look starts with solid bangles, but it sure doesn't end there!

Bunches of BANGLES!
Using multiple bangles as a basis for your stacked bracelet look is a terrific way to bring on the shine, movement and most importantly the VOLUME. Bangles are perhaps the most varied and findable elements in this look--they can be metal, plastic, wood or solid gold studded with diamonds! Stack up bunches of bangles whether plain or embellished, wide or thin, spendy or downright cheap. It's easy to find attractive examples in a variety of metal finishes, a rainbow of colors and a plethora of patterns like animal prints, geometrics, ornate arabesques and many more.
All Bangle Bracelets

All Stretch Bracelets STRETCH it to the Limit!
Stretch bracelets are great for adding variety, color, texture and sparkle. Because stretch bracelets cling close to the arm and have a fair degree of stability, they can be worn in a set pattern, and they provide some support for looser bracelets that are worn alongside them (like bangles, for example). Again, you'll find more variety than can be listed, and that feeds right into this exciting look! Stretch bracelets are available in every material from transparent plastics to shell to gemstone to precious metal. Bring it all on--this trend encourages you to mix up the colors, shapes and patterns.

Both bangles and stretch bracelets are often sold in economical assorted packages that give you a great head start toward getting the volume and variety the stacked bracelet look calls for.

LEATHER and CHAIN Unrestrained!
Studded leather bracelets add a punk punch when worn along with colored bracelet styles; thin leather cords with spaced metal beads can work to break up a field of packed stretch bracelets. Leather among metal, glass or plastic will instantly give your bracelet stack that "hard and soft" look. Ever-flexible chain--unlimited by link style, size or color--is a great way to insert a touch of precious metal (or not) and to add a restrained element among an armload of mixed patterns, styles and colors. Super-casual ball chain is available in sterling silver or silver filled, and multiple lengths can be linked together and wrapped round and round the arm for an effect that juxtaposes street smarts with high quality.
WATCH Out for Timely Trends!
Adding to the utility and ease of this great trend is the inclusion of large men's-size metal watches. Now many of us have chucked the wrist watch in preference of our cellphone clocks, but here's a chance to dig through your boyfriend's, husband's, dad's or perhaps your own sock drawer and pull out that big old watch. Add it to the mix; if it's still ticking, even better! If not, maybe visit your local drug chain, get an affordable expansion-band watch in the metal tone of your choosing, and leave the cell in your pocket!

The stacked bracelet trend sounds like lots of fun, doesn't it? Don't wait--gather up an armload of exciting bracelets and mix and match to your heart's content. Full STACKS ahead!

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