Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Video Studio and Presenters

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Video Studio and Presenters
by Anne Marie Hunter, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

We celebrated a long wished for dream come true at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads with the inauguration of our new, in-house video studio. What does this celebration mean for you, as a jewelry designer and Fire Mountain Gems customer? With our expanded resources, we're now better equipped to produce exceptional videos that teach and enhance your knowledge and expertise, as you discover new, magical jewelry-making experiences. Now and into the future, original, informative videos are being produced that will open doors of creativity for you and the jewelry-making industry.

The evolution of the new studio was an exciting journey, with the initiation of the process in late 2012. In response to Chris Freedman's vision for the new studio, photographer Michael W. developed a custom design for the new space, bringing years of professional film experience to the project. Michael knew it was vital that the studio support the vision of reaching an audience of designers, at all levels of expertise, with outstanding creative resources. Once construction started, a blank canvas of white walls and bare floors was transformed into a state-of-the-art video studio--in a lightning-speed three weeks.

When reflecting on the many outstanding attributes of the new studio, Michael believes one of its greatest features is what he describes as "convertibility." In a moment's notice, the space can be transformed from a studio set to a sensational showroom. The look and feel of a guest artist's studio can be reproduced to enhance the sense of authenticity. So, when you sit down to watch a Fire Mountain Gems video, you'll feel you're there with the artist, engaged in creative collaboration or one-on-one personal instruction, while relaxed in the comfort of your own home or studio.
From the control booth, Michael W. directs a video while Leslie M. prepares for another take.

Since its launch, the video studio has produced an extensive list of videos on a wide range of subjects. In these videos, artists introduce products and techniques, and instruct on a variety of topics ranging from the use of specialized tools to jewelry-making projects and more. Every successful video production requires an experienced team from the word "action" through the final edits. The expert in-house crew supports the guest

artist throughout the entire filming process. The crew operates cameras, adjusts lighting and sound, makes set changes and assist the artists with their on-set projects and instructions.

Inventor of Wubbers tools, Patti Bullard, PhD, visits the studio to record a new instructional video.
For a recent series of videos, internationally known jewelry artist and teacher, Patti Bullard, was guest artist for a three-day taping session. During the week leading up to the Patti's arrival, the production team built the set with lighting and sound to prepare a professional, inviting artist's studio set. Patti, founder and inventor of Wubbers® tools, completed several 4-6 minute videos with the assistance of a six-member production crew. For these instructional videos, Patti demonstrated the use of her state-of-the-art tools and taught a number of jewelry-making projects. The ultimate expert in the use of Wubbers tools, Patti completed the sessions seamlessly, bringing her engaging cheerfulness and enthusiasm to the project.

For every film produced in the studio, there are a number of goals and expectations for the final product. According to Michael, one of the principal intentions is to support you in acquiring new jewelry-making skills. For
example, with tool instruction videos you, the designer, will acquire greater proficiency with the featured tools. When you can use a tool more efficiently and with greater ease, the focus then becomes the expression of your creative ideas and design potential.

Another primary purpose of the studio is to support and promote a significant video presence in the world of jewelry-making. Jewelry-making industry stars are featured in the videos, where they share knowledge and expertise with you and the entire Fire Mountain Gems global audience. This worldwide community brings you together with jewelry-making instructors and fellow designers who all share a creative passion. Video is a powerful medium that can unite designers in a way no other medium can. Through these films, according to Michael, designers introduce a modern video presence to the jewelry-making world.

One very important priority for the video team is an emphasis on the clarity of presentations for the viewer. To insure this clarity, attention is given to every detail of the production, from the opening frame through the final credits. While the guest artists concentrate on sharing their expert knowledge, the crew focuses on filming techniques, camera angles, light, sound and editing to produce videos that are accessible and clearly understood by all viewers. In
Chris P. films Patti Bullard demonstrating her state-of-the-art tools for an instructional video series.
addition, each video concludes with information about where to find products, along with tools, reference photographs and more to further enhance a successful jewelry-making experience for you.

Tammy Honaman Each Fire Mountain Gems video stars a well-respected, widely recognized jewelry artist or instructor, some of which are regularly featured in the videos. One of these frequent contributors is jewelry-making expert, Tammy Honaman. Tammy explores uncharted jewelry-making territory, providing insight and instruction about innovative products and projects. A very creative designer, she also writes about jewelry-making projects for books, as well as national and international magazines. In the very near future, the video team has exciting plans to produce the first DVD in the new studio. Tammy will be featured in this 45-minute production, creating an instructional DVD of a popular product line.

Recognized throughout the jewelry-making industry, top designer Lisa Pavelka is also a frequent and much-admired guest. Award-winning artist, instructor and author, Lisa hosts numerous instructional videos, which are very popular with the Fire Mountain Gems audience. In addition to writing books and teaching, Lisa continually expands her extensive jewelry-making product line and sponsors jewelry-making jewelry-making cruises, as well. According to Michael, Lisa is a calm, generous and encouraging teacher who believes everyone is an artist. Lisa Pavelka

Christi Friesen Another frequent video guest is author and mixed media artist Christi Friesen, who is most notably recognized for her innovative approach to polymer clay designs. She specializes in combining glass beads and gemstones with her sculpted polymer clay pieces for one-of-a-kind art jewelry. With a genuine storytelling style, Christi brings extraordinary expertise, along with a terrific sense of humor, to her on-camera presentations. Appealing to artists at all skill levels, Christi makes the difficult seem simple, and amazingly fun, at the same time. Christi has written a number of books on polymer clay designs and is a regular contributor to beading magazines.

In the very near future, the video studio will introduce a new guest artist, Sue Ripsch, to the Fire Mountain Gems audience. Recognized for her chainmaille jewelry designs and instructional books on the subject, Sue actually started her professional life as a registered nurse. Inspired by nature and fine jewelry, Sue creates elegant chainmaille designs, incorporating crystals and beads in her pieces. For the past several years, Sue has been sharing and teaching students the art of chainmaille across the United States. Very soon, you will have the opportunity to learn how to create chainmaille jewelry by watching Sue in new Fire Mountain Gems instructional videos.

In less than a year, the video production team has created an inviting, flourishing studio environment where each and every guest artist and viewer share and grow their talent, knowledge and creativity. Together, you and our guest artists have become members of an exciting, worldwide community.

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