Patrick's Angel

by Sandra

My son Patrick is a grown man now with kids of his own, but when he was little he made his angel work overtime. Being raised Catholic I was taught about angels, but I think I put them more in the Easter bunny category--that is until my real life experience which I believe was an angel encounter. Patrick was about 10 months old and was quietly playing in his playpen when it happened. I was sitting in the living room reading my book when I, for no reason, had a thought to look at my son. Everything looked normal so again I returned to my reading. Then I actually heard a voice in my head say, ''You'd better go check his mouth!'' The urgency in the message compelled me to prompt action. I dropped my book and strode over to my still quietly playing son and put my finger in his mouth and to my horror pulled out a nail staple. It was then I recalled dropping a dish of assorted nails and screws a few days before. Apparently I missed the nail staple but my baby's eagle eyes found it. I cannot think of any other explanation for the warning but that an angel was watching over my son that day.

Inspiration for Story: I've been working on new designs for angel earrings which made me think of it.