"Y" Not?: Swarovski Crystal and Acrylic Bead Y-Shaped Necklace with Tassel Embellishment

''Y'' Not?: Swarovski crystal and Acrylic Bead Y-Shaped Necklace with Tassel Embellishment

by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Bring on red-letter days by incorporating this Y-shaped necklace design and coordinating earrings into jewelry lines and your own fashion wardrobe today. This design's naturally slimming and eye-catching silhouette is greatly enhanced by the sparkling 4mm Swarovski crystal ruby bicones and oval-shaped acrylic beads featuring metallic-like paint speckles.

This week's featured design is brilliantly defined by the use of a bead cap as a bead cone, allowing the extension of two tassels to beautifully dangle from the centerpiece. The simple stringing technique used in this necklace lends itself well to jewelry production and offers a myriad of product substitution possibilities for endless results. For example, different colors, styles and sizes of Swarovski crystal crystal beads and other accent beads can be substituted based on your personal preference.

Why is the Y-necklace so popular? It's most likely due to the fact that this letter-shaped design is simply stunning, sophisticated and speaks effortless style. Its universally flattering signature shape transports us back to the '90s when actresses from the hit television shows Melrose Place and Friends were all wearing this hot necklace of the moment. Although it never went out of style, the Y-necklace is enjoying a resurgence of popularity, as seen on fashion runways and out and about on Hollywood celebrities.
Speckled Acrylic Beads

Acrylic Beads

The iconic "Y" shape is visually pleasing as it follows the design rule of three, producing an implied triangle within its composition. The shape of the letter "Y" itself is made up of three distinct lines or elements coming together, centering the eye and creating a perfect place for a focal bead or component. This particular necklace design is asymmetrically balanced, featuring one oval acrylic bead on one side of the "Y" shape, bringing additional interest to the overall piece. Learn more about how to incorporate the design rule of three and jewelry-design principles into your designs with the following FREE resource guides: ''7 Principles of Design for Jewelry-Making Inspiration'' and ''The Rule of Three: A Three-Part Jewelry Design Series''.

Why wait? Let the red-letter days begin with this ruby red Y-shaped Swarovski crystal necklace and coordinating earrings that will make any occasion more special. Here's to starting your own style moment today.

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