Swarovski® Effects Guide

by Lexi, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Swarovski® crystal produces the finest quality crystal components with a large array of colors and effects. But what exactly is an "effect"? Mark from Product Management is here to quickly explain this term.

Crafted in Austria to the highest standards of quality, Swarovski crystals are considered the finest products of their kind in the world. Explore this guide for explanations of Swarovski's extensive effects options.

Types of Effects
Swarovski Crystal Surface Effects Beads and Components Surface Effects - These types of effects are generally applied to half of the bead or component. If being applied to a drop or pendant, the coating will usually be applied to the front. Coatings are translucent or opaque, depending on the specific effect you choose.
Swarovski Crystal Reverse Surface Effects Beads and Components Reverse Surface Effects (V) - These types of effects may also be described as non-transparent coatings or foils. These are multicolored coatings that are applied to one half of a bead or component. This type of finish is usually opaque. Unlike surface effects, a reverse surface effect is applied to the back of a drop or pendant. This application results in the effect being seen through the crystal instead of on the crystal. This type of coating is generally noted as a V within a description.
Swarovski Crystal Third-Party Coatings Beads and Components Third-Party Coatings - These may also be noted as custom coatings. These effects are not created or applied by Swarovski crystal, but by an independent company.
Variations on Effects
Swarovski Crystal 2X Beads and Components 2X - This notation is used to indicate that a coating normally applied to only half of a bead or component has been applied to the entire piece.
Swarovski Crystal Protective Layer Beads and Components Protective Layer (P) - This is a clear lacquer that is applied over some translucent effects to protect the coating from scratches, fingerprints and moisture. This type of coating is generally noted as a P within a description.
Swarovski Crystals Z Beads and Components Z - Only specific parts of the crystal are treated with the effect. This is generally used on fancy stones.
Specialty Items
Swarovski Crystal Blend Color Beads and Components Blend Colors - These pieces are two different shades of Swarovski crystal blended into one bead or component. The exact look will vary with each piece, providing a more organic-looking blend.
Swarovski Color Changing Beads and Components Color Changing - These shades have the special effect of changing color in different types of light.

Swarovski Crystal AB Beads and Components

AB (Aurora Borealis): Surface Effect - Translucent--An iridescent coating in a pale yellow tone with shimmers of pink and blue.
Swarovski Crystal Alexandrite Beads and Components

Alexandrite: Color Changing--In natural sunlight these beads appear pale blue. In incandescent lighting these beads appear to be a soft violet.
Swarovski Crystal Antique Pink Beads and Components

Antique Pink: Surface Effect - Translucent--A soft pink coating with hints of amethyst. Generally seen over crystal clear beads and components.
Swarovski Crystal Astral Pink Beads and Components

Astral Pink: Surface Effect - Translucent--A warm pink/red coating with flashes of fuchsia and orange.
Swarovski Crystal Aurum Beads and Components

Aurum: Surface Effect - Opaque--This opaque coating is created with actual gold and is usually used over crystal clear beads.
Swarovski Crystal Bermuda Blue Beads and Components

Bermuda Blue: Reverse Surface Effect - Opaque--Generally only used on the back of crystal clear components. When viewed through a component you will see shades of sea green, aqua and other blues. The colors you see depend on the angle you hold the crystal.
Swarovski Crystal Blue Shade Beads and Components

Blue Shade: Surface Effect - Translucent--This subtle coating brings a hint of grey-blue to crystal clear beads and components.
Swarovski Crystal Bronze Shade Beads and Components

Bronze Shade: Surface Effect - Translucent--A slightly metallic coating over crystal clear pieces. This antiqued bronze look provides a contemporary neutral.
Swarovski Crystal Cantaloupe Beads and Components

Cantaloupe: Color Changing--In natural sunlight these beads appear a smoky grey with hints of light peach and green. In incandescent lighting the beads appear to be a peachy-fuchsia. In fluorescent lighting these beads appear to be a light green.
Swarovski Crystal Chili Pepper Beads and Components

Chili Pepper: Third-Party Coating/Surface Effect - Translucent--Overall a tone of red and yellows, but with slight accents of blue and purple with movement.

Chrom: Surface Effect - Opaque--A shiny and reflective silver finish generally seen on cabochons and chatons.
Swarovski Crystal Comet Argent Light (CAL) Beads and Components

Comet Argent Light (CAL): Surface Effect/Reverse Surface Effect - Opaque--This bright silvery coating is only applied to crystal clear beads and components. While this is technically a surface effect, it does have a similarity to a reverse surface effect when used on a pendant or drop; it provides more sparkle when viewed through the crystal.
Swarovski Crystal Copper Beads and Components

Copper: Surface Effect - Translucent--This rich and warm coating gives crystal clear beads and components a coppery-honey look.
Swarovski Crystal Dorado Beads and Components

Dorado: Surface Effect - Opaque--A metallic bronze-colored coating that is generally only used on crystal clear beads and components.
Swarovski Crystal Electra Beads and Components

Electra: Third-Party Coating/Reverse Surface Effect - Opaque--A vibrant multicolored coating that sends glints of blue, pink, purple, green and silver through a crystal clear component or bead.
Swarovski Crystal Glacier Blue Beads and Components

Glacier Blue: Third-Party Coating/Surface Effect - Translucent--Iridescent violet, lavender and ice blue flash across the surface of beads and components with this coating.
Swarovski Crystal Golden Shadow Beads and Components

Golden Shadow: Surface Effect - Translucent--A subtle, yet rich and warm champagne color that gives crystal clear beads and components an old-world vintage look.
Swarovski Crystal Heliotrope Beads and Components

Heliotrope: Reverse Surface Effect - Opaque--Only applied to crystal clear beads and components. The colors you see when you look through the crystal will change depending on the angle. You will often see shades of blue and purple with flashes of green, grey and pink.
Swarovski Crystal Jet Hematite Beads and Components

Hematite: Surface Effect - Opaque--This gunmetal coating is only found over the jet shade.
Swarovski Crystal Iridescent Green Beads and Components

Iridescent Green: Surface Effect - Translucent--A shimmering and slightly metallic green coating. Movement of the piece will show shimmers of greens, yellows and blues with an overall warm tone.
Swarovski Crystal Lilac Shadow Beads and Components

Lilac Shadow: Surface Effect - Translucent--A coating of deep purple with hints of gold. The subtle hints of gold tones are made with real gold.
Swarovski Crystal Luminous Green Beads and Components

Luminous Green: Surface Effect - Translucent--This iridescent coating shifts from light green to violet to pink.
Swarovski Crystals LacquerPRO Beads and Components

LacquerPRO: Reverse Surface Effect - Opaque--A varnish applied to the reverse side of the crystal. When viewed through the crystal you see an opalescent look. Wear in reverse for a bolder color.
Swarovski Crystal Light Chrome Beads and Components

Light Chrome: Surface Effect - Opaque--A cold-toned metallic silver coating that adds “robotic” elements.
Swarovski Crystal Mahogany Beads and Components

Mahogany: Third-Party Coating, Surface Effect - Translucent--A warm coating of brown and topaz hues with hints of pink.
Swarovski Crystal Metallic Blue Beads and Components

Metallic Blue: Surface Effect - Opaque--A dark steel blue coating that is applied to crystal clear components and beads.
Swarovski Crystal Metallic Light Gold Beads and Components

Metallic Light Gold: Surface Effect - Opaque--A rich metallic gold coating. The mineral-like tones include glimpses of a darker titanium hue as well.
Swarovski Crystal Metallic Sunshine Beads and Components

Metallic Sunshine: Surface Effect/Reverse Surface Effect--A golden metallic coating. When viewed on top of the crystal a bright golden shine is added. When viewed through the crystal a warm golden glow is seen.
Swarovski Crystal Moonlight Beads and Components

Moonlight: Surface Effect - Translucent--A subtle iridescent coating that adds sparkle without adding color.

Nut: Surface Effect - Opaque--This coating is only applied to beads and components in the jet shade and gives a warm black color that has a hint of brown.
Swarovski Crystal Paradise Shine Beads and Components

Paradise Shine: Surface Effect - Translucent--This multi-colored, transparent coating features flashes of purple, blue and green. The high color of each piece can be easily used with shades from the cool and warm spectrums.
Swarovski Crystal Pastel Beads and Components

Pastel: Third-Party Coating/Surface Effect - Translucent--A custom coating applied to one side of the crystal, resulting in high levels of color saturation in soft hues, which creates an almost velvet-like appearance.
Swarovski Crystal Patina Beads and Components

Patina: Surface Effect - Translucent--A translucent effect that is applied in a mottled and random pattern to give the crystal a unique vintage look without compromising the quality of the piece. This effect is available in black, white, silver, rose and gold.
Swarovski Crystal Peacock Eye Beads and Components

Peacock Eye: Third-Party Coating, Reverse Surface Effect - Opaque--A coppery-gold background is sprinkled with random "eyes" of green, blue and yellow.
Swarovski Crystal Purple Haze Beads and Components

Purple Haze: Third-Party Coating, Surface Effect - Translucent--A blend of reflective colors that change depending on the angle of the bead or component. You will see flashes of violet, lavender, lemon and lime in this finish.
Swarovski Crystal Dark Rainbow Beads and Components

Dark Rainbow: Surface Effect - Opaque--A rainbow coating similar to an oil slick. The colors are darker and blurred. Each piece will have differences in the coating, but colors will generally include pinks, yellows, blues, greens and purples.
Swarovski Crystal Red Magma Beads and Components

Red Magma: Surface Effect - Translucent--A red-orange coating over crystal clear beads and components.
Swarovski Crystal Rose Gold Beads and Components

Rose Gold: Surface Effect - Opaque--Crystal clear beads and components are coated in an 18-karat rose gold for a classic and delicate combination.
Swarovski Crystal Sahara Beads and Components

Sahara: Reverse Surface Effect - Opaque--This coating provides a shiny golden-blonde look.
Swarovski Crystal Satin Beads and Components

Satin: Surface Effect - Translucent--A very subtle grey coating that softens the color of a bead or component.
Swarovski Crystal Rose Gold Beads and Components

Scarabaeus Green: Surface Effect - Opaque--This effect was a collaboration with haute couture designer Jean Paul Gaultier. This coating has an iridescent sheen with metallic flashes of greens, blues and purples.
Swarovski Crystal Shimmer Components

Shimmer: Surface Effect - Translucent--A subtle coating that stuns with multicolored refractions. Wave-like ripples softly change shade with each movement.
Swarovski Crystal Silver Night Beads and Components

Silver Night: Reverse Surface Effect/Surface Effect - Opaque--This metallic silver finish reflects light when viewed on the surface of a bead or component. When viewed through clear crystal it shows a titanium-like hue.
Swarovski Crystal Silver Shade Beads and Components

Silver Shade: Surface Effect - Opaque--A subtle coating that is just slightly off of clear. On larger pieces you see a light grey shade. When applied to smaller pieces you will see a soft version of crystal clear.

Star Shine: Surface Effect - Translucent--An opalescent coating that is applied to only white opal Swarovski beads and components. This effect is similar to white opal sky blue, but has lighter shades of color flashes.
Swarovski Crystal Summer Blush Beads and Components

Summer Blush: Third-Party Coating/Surface Effect - Translucent--A copper finish with iridescent flashes of hot pink and yellows.
Swarovski Crystal Tabac Beads and Components

Tabac: Reverse Surface Effect - Opaque--A coppery gold-colored foil that brings flashes of yellow-green, bright blues and teal.
Swarovski Crystal Ultra AB Beads and Components

Ultra AB: Third-Party Coating, Reverse Surface Effect - Opaque and Translucent--A vibrant opaque color coating on one side and a heavy application of AB on the other. This is always done over a crystal clear component.
Swarovski Crystal Verde Beads and Components

Verde : Third-Party Coating/Surface Effect - Translucent--Muted citrus greens sparkle in the crystal verde effect as subtle yellows play at the edges of faceting for increased color depth.
Swarovski Crystal Vitrail Light Beads and Components

Vitrail Light: Reverse Surface Effect - Opaque--This is a multicolored foil that comes through with light purple and blue tones. Depending on the angle you may also see flashes of pinks as well. This effect is quite reflective, seeming to give off light through the crystal.
Swarovski Crystal Vitrail Medium Beads and Components

Vitrail Medium: Reverse Surface Effect - Opaque--This multicolored foil has a wider range of color flashes than the light version of vitrail. Generally the dominant color is a range of green tones, but you will see oranges, yellows, pinks and blues as well.
Swarovski Crystal Volcano Beads and Components

Volcano: Reverse Surface Effect - Opaque--A brilliant view of blue, copper, pink and purple flashes.

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