Ghost of Christmas Future: Swarovski Crystal Necklace Featuring Crystal Silver Night Beads and Skull Bead

Ghost of Christmas Future: Swarovski Crystal Necklace Featuring Crystal Silver Night Beads and Skull Bead Ghost of Christmas Future

by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Inspired by the movie, Scrooged with Bill Murray, the designer of this piece wanted to create something a guy could wear when he's dressed up and out on the town. Here's the designer, Tim Cronkhite, in his own words:

"My inspiration for this necklace was one of my favorite Christmas movies, Scrooged with Bill Murray. I've seen this movie over and over since 1988 and still laugh like I did when I first saw it. If you watch the elevator scene you'll see my inspiration for this piece. It's amazing from what and where we designers get our inspirations. This year when you sit down with the family to watch this movie, you can say, 'Now I get this necklace.'"

And just as Bill Murray's character in Scrooged freaks out when he runs into the incarnation of Death standing in the elevator in his studio, this necklace is freaking out the fashion world with its cutting edge style. Mixing well with conservative attire, this necklace makes any look edgy and cool.

Swarovski's crystal silver night skull bead is the big star of this necklace, offering dual looks in one, as one side has an opaque metallic finish and the other reflects light through its sleek, titanium-like hue. Creating an underlying futuristic tone, the skull bead pendant will draw attention and spur conversation wherever it goes. The play of light in the shining skull bead creates an intriguing contrast to the dark imagery often associated with skulls.
Swarovski Crystal Skull Beads

Skull Beads

This project features a one-of-a-kind toggle clasp created by using the Swarovski cosmic ring and key pendant. This "Key to Open the Forest" pendant, inspired by Yoko Ono for Swarovski crystal presents an avant-garde charm and features the signature of Yoko Ono etched into the crystal. Here is how Yoko Ono describes this key pendant, "Imagine a key that unlocks the door to the forest with its secrets, to the sky with its peacefulness, to the universe with its infinity, to a future with the promise of a better life."

Swarovski Crystal Cosmic Ovals

Cosmic Ovals

Swarovski Crystal Keys


Lobster Claw Clasps

Lobster Claw

Unlock this necklace's style secrets today. There's no trick here ... now's the time to treat yourself and others to this simple-to-make skull bead necklace for hot-looking nights ahead.

The Key to a One-of-a-Kind Clasp
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