Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom

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Funky and Vibrant Necklace

Bliss describes her work as "vibrant" and "funky."

When Anne Bliss heads to her local grocery store, she's sure to return with more than just what she's penned on her list. A trip to the supermarket or her nearby mall ends with "compliments all the time while I'm out. I hear the identical feedback from my customers. My jewelry, which I wear, allows me and my collectors to wear pearls in a much more casual way, but we still appear very put together. I love how the copper I use works as a frame for the pearls."

Bliss's jewelry designs are environmentally sound and stylishly fashionable. Sensitive to reclaiming and recycling, her pieces represent "a touch of fancy, with an eco-friendly twist."

According to the Buffalo, NY, artist, "They are little windows into the beauty of natural elements. A slice of cleaned-up recycled copper pipe serves as a frame for freshwater pearls, which are locked in clear resin."

Hearing about the use of copper pipes, which smack of plumbing tools and Home Depot connections, many buyers worry that the jewelry will be too heavy to wear. The immediate reaction is, "it will be too weighty." That fear is a total misconception.
Annie Bliss Earrings

Customers mistakenly feared that the jewelry would be heavy and clunky. It's not--it is lightweight and comfortable.

Annie Bliss Necklace

The pink flowers add a feminine touch to the copper pipe setting.

"It isn't heavy at all. In fact, my jewelry weighs less than a single strand of pearls," Bliss explains. Drawn to pearls--because they have "depth and warmth"--Bliss has tried her hand at utilizing beach stones, but "though they are very pretty, they are not as alive and colorful as pearls." She's also worked with fossils, pulling these out of the ground. "Men like to wear those," she observes. "They are very unisex."

While she has experimented with semiprecious stones and other baubles, her passion remains pearls: "I think the blending of pearls and copper is kind of funky. My ideal customer is someone who appreciates handcrafted work, loves art, and wants to stand out from the crowd. It is perfect for people who want to spend more than they would on costume jewelry, but don't want to wear high-end pieces on a daily basis. They suit my lifestyle perfectly."

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