Design Idea E91W Bracelet
by Dan Day, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

The lightning and smoke, the thunder generated by powerful gleaming steel machines: we're out on “the ride.”

Item Number 7264JD Iron Cross Bracelet

Item Number H20-7264JD

Bikers wear jewelry. There we said it, it's a fact. The biker community includes a fair number of doctors, lawyers and other professionals--an affluent group of potential jewelry customers. They've shown they're quite willing to spend what it takes to indulge their passion for motorcycles and the lure of riding the open road with their gang. And that includes jewelry--though they may not call it that. Bikers want baubles that are tough, wears well on long rides, go with their steel and denim, and symbolize their love of the road.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has a variety of jewelry items bikers would love to wear including rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces that can be used to create own biker-themed jewelry lines.

Let's get started with a few examples of biker-style finished jewelry:

Finished Jewelry


Leather is a vital component of biker apparel. It's comfortable and stands up well to the elements. These rings add an acrylic pearl for extra visual appeal.

Item Number 5347JD Leather Ring

Item Number H20-5347JD

Item Number 5346JD Leather Ring

Item Number H20-5346JD


Here is a ball chain necklace featuring a skull design (see right).


Leather and skulls are popular in jewelry. Leather, for its rich and supple appearance. On-trend, bracelet item number H20-7264JD is bad to the bone and unisex in design with metallic rings and a skull centerpiece. Popular buckle-style closure adjusts to fit a range of wrist sizes.
Item Number 8248JD Skull Necklace

Item Number H20-8248JD


As we've seen, while steel and leather are two mainstay components, additional materials and design elements can be used to create roadworthy jewelry. Pewter (tin-based alloy) and ''pewter'' (zinc-based alloy), as well as brass, are cost-effective substitutes for steel. Here are some examples of biker-style components:

Antiqued gold-plated pewter (tin based alloy) skull beads with a wide drill hole easily slide onto multiple strands or thick cord such as leather.

"Pewter" skull with wings can be used as a charm for pendant, earrings and bracelet.

Item Number 8708MB Skull Beads

Item Number H20-8708MB

Item Number 4349FY Cross Link

Item Number H20-4349FY

Item Number 3244FD Motorcycle Charm

Item Number H20-3244FD

Item Number 7278FN Skull Focal

Item Number H20-7278FN

Item Number 3106JD Skull Pendant

Item Number H20-3106JD

This bracelet mix contains one adjustable wristband and one adjustable cuff, for creating personalized bracelets--just add the decoration. Natural and dyed cowhide leather wristbands are ready to tool, stitch, stamp, carve and embellish.

Item Number 1091KT Bracelet Mix

Item Number H20-1091KT

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Style Snapshot: Biker Jewelry Style Snapshot: Biker Jewelry

Style Snapshot: Biker Jewelry

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