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by Leslie Anger, Marketing Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

From wrist to fingers, hands are getting a lot of attention these days from jewelry artists. Seen on runways and in collections from renowned designers including Alexander McQueen, hand bracelets are the "right now" fashion accessory. Also known as hand flowers, slave bracelets, ring bracelets or cufflets; no matter what you call them, they're giving exotic, Bohemian or armor-like inspiration to varying fashion markets.

Trend Flash: Hand Bracelets

While the exact origin isn't clear, these bracelets seem drawn from the elaborate Indian jewelry in the Mughal period and the Panja jewelry known to be worn during weddings. With detailed ornamentation and regal color schemes, India-inspired jewelry has continued to delight accessory enthusiasts throughout the centuries. Textures are an important part of fashion and jewelry in the upcoming seasons, and these cufflets provide a prime opportunity to add surface interest.

Trend Flash: Hand Bracelets

To join in this luxurious-looking trend, connect a single ring to the bracelet with a simple chain or intricate beadwork. The great thing about cufflets is even one point of connection looks elegant and designs can be as simple or extravagant as your preference. Popular materials to achieve different styles include chain with added embellishments such as more chain, spikes, charms and rhinestone links; full chainmaille sets with jumprings for medieval flair; and detailed seed bead with crystal-encrusted embroidery for a more lavish appearance inspired by the ornate hand flowers of India. Designs have also continued up the forearm and incorporated one, two or all fingers as well as the thumb.

Trend Flash: Hand Bracelets

Popular motifs include the natural world such as flowers, leaves and woodland fauna or more unconventional styles are heavy on the metals in quirky shapes including bone structures, spider webs, metal drops forming dragon-like scales and more. Refined or alternative in style, hand bracelets are enjoying continued limelight and have a spot of prestige on jewelry retail counters.

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