Magic Marketplace: AccessoriesTheShow and PoolTradeShow February 2015 Trend Review

Magic Marketplace: AccessoriesTheShow and PoolTradeShow February 2015 Trend Review

by Tom Triplett, Content Development Manager, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Get the lowdown on the February 2015 MAGIC Marketplace show where trend setters in fashion, jewelry and more gather every year in Las Vegas to showcase their design lines and innovations. Here is the daily firsthand account from our Content Development Manager, Tom Triplett:

Sunday, 2/15/2015

Hello from Las Vegas!

Well we all arrived safely to a balmy 66 degrees last evening after some rather uneventful air flights. We got checked into the hotel about 11pm and guess what? We all went to our rooms and crashed.

Monday, 2/16/2015

We met up at 9am to have some breakfast, and then it was time for business. We decided that since Accessories, the Show was in the same hotel and within easy walking distance it made sense to go through that show first. It was a short walk and a quick detour to the registration desk where we checked in, and we were ready to enter the show.

Immediately upon entering the show, Stuart and I checked out some display jewelry in the front of the show floor. They were some really beautiful designs with lots of gemstone beads, chain, spike beads and long bugle beads. That was a nice start of the show for us. Then we started roving up and down the aisles. We were happy to see that many of the designs had gemstones in them. Chris looked at some really fun gemstone designs strung on power cord that were long enough to be worn as a 1 or 2 strand necklace, or a wrap bracelet with about 6 wraps. We also saw metal and rhinestone designs, lots of pieces made with leather straps and snaps, and even some cool men's bracelets and necklaces.

Some of the observations we made:
  • Many of the chains were very thin and delicate
  • Tassels were still here in a strong way, made from a variety of products including the thin chain, cord, threads, long bugle beads, and seed beads
  • Designs with curved metallic tubes, in various colors and metal types
  • Metals were primarily gold, silver, rose gold, and brass. Surprisingly not copper ...
  • Freshwater pearls in many different uses from focal to spacers
  • Magnetic clasps
  • Long bugle beads in many designs used in tassels and stringing projects
  • Orange is still big in the colors for both women and men, along with black
  • Western wear seems to be a strong upcoming style which should be very fun
Tomorrow we will attend the MAGIC show which is the largest of all the shows. That's where we see what's really happening in fashion as well as accessories like jewelry, handbags, shoes, etc. I'll be reporting more after spending the day there.

Tuesday, 2/17/2015

Hi again! Although this was our day 2, it was really the first day for the MAGIC show. The show opened at 9am and we were there waiting to get in. As we traveled the many rows of vendor booths, we found that they were all in really good spirits looking forward to a profitable show. This is a really large show that takes up most of 6 huge convention rooms. The vendors are mostly separated into types, like shoes, accessories, sourcing, and at least 3 rooms for garments. It took us from 9am this morning until 5pm this evening (with a half hour for lunch) to get through only 3 of those rooms. I can guarantee you that we are all soaking our feet tonight, LOL.

As far as what we saw at the show, it was mostly consistent with what we saw the day before. The colors we saw were still in the muted shades of orange, pinks, greens, teals and purples. There was a lot of black and white, grey, royal blue and Caribbean blues. Metals are back to silver, gold, rose gold and brass in that order. We all agree that it's exciting to see gemstone beads back in the jewelry lines. There's not really so much bling in the jewelry we saw today. It's more subdued featuring really nice gemstone pieces and beads including druzy stones as focals. Statement necklaces were very prominent boasting tassels, lots of chain, and really nicely enameled metals.

A couple of observations that were fairly new:
  1. Jewelry worn on the head, like jeweled head bands giving some sparkle to the forehead. There were also some macramé headbands that they actually wove into their hair.
  2. Jewelry with a cause. Many of the bracelets, necklaces, charms and focals featured affirmation words, phrases and symbols. Most of these products had very interesting stories about how the jewelry is actually helping people via donations to charities with the profits. It seems that telling the story is a very powerful sales tool these days.
Tomorrow, we go to the Mandalay Bay convention center to see the more contemporary jewelry designers. I will report more after those shows.

Wednesday, 2/18/2015

Today was the 3rd day of shows, and was a shorter one due to some pre-planned afternoon meetings. The Pool Trade Show is one of the smaller shows held in the Mandalay Bay Convention center. This show is exciting for us because many of the vendors that show here are actual Fire Mountain Gems and Beads customers, and they love to talk about their products and how Fire Mountain Gems and Beads influence their business. They are called "cash and carry" vendors because you can actually buy their products right there at the show. These products are more in the accessories areas like jewelry, socks, handbags, wallets, belts and printed T-shirts. There are a lot of these accessories made from up-cycled materials like reclaimed wood made into watchbands, old bottles used for terrariums or bird feeders, garden hoses and irrigation materials turned into very trendy handbags, and recycled fabrics. There is a very positive mind set in this group of vendors that are really interesting and have great stories.

Jewelry was more on the simple side, like single pendants on finished chains. It looks like a big upcoming trend is to have very long, thin pendants with points on one end simply hanging from the chain, or with a bail then hung from the chain. They could be glass, wood, gemstone or metal in square, round or triangle shapes but long and tapered to a pointed end. Most of the chain used was very thin and either sterling silver or 14kt gold-filled. There was also a bit of rose gold and brass metals showing. The price points were mostly very reasonable, and this is jewelry that everyone will be seeing soon in accessory and department stores.

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