Safety Pin Jewelry

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Giorgio Armani is elevating the style status of safety pins for the coming seasons. Models strutted down the runway adorned with oversized versions, most notably dangling from their ears. Some hung from stud earrings or actually through the pierced hole of the lobe. Any way you use them, safety pins are a safe bet for increased sales.

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Safety Pin Bails

While many people associate safety pins with the alternative punk rock culture popularized in the '70s, the safety pin was originally considered a well-dressed adornment and has been used and decorated since antiquity. Pins throughout history have been encrusted with jewels, enamel, glass, coral and more. In Medieval Europe, pins were made from silver, gold, brass and ivory and used by the wealthy or people of rank to display their prowess. The modern safety pin has remained nearly unchanged since the 1800s when Walter Hunt perfected the spring design so the wire would retain enough tension to be clasped and unclasped again and again. Not long after this, mass production made this previously expensive accessory far cheaper to create.

The simple design of safety pins, yet obvious utility, makes them a fun and attractive element to base jewelry lines around. Join in this growing trend by dangling your favorite components from safety pin-shaped bails or add safety pins as dangles themselves.

Line up a whole slew of safety pins, run beading wire through one or both looped ends and you have a bracelet or necklace. Beth Blankenship submitted her impressive Safety in Numbers design to the Bead Dreams contest with this technique in mind.

Sometimes the length of each pin in a design are beaded with seed beads, Swarovski crystal and more, just like jewelry designer Esther did for her Seed Pins earrings or Lori Riner did in her Bronze Medal winning bracelet Elegance.

Brooches and kilt pins are favorite ways to display safety pin jewelry and are easy to embellish with chain, charms and pendants. Create your own versions or bolster your existing inventory with ready-to-sell Safety pin brooches.
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