Brown Isn't Boring (Brown is Beautiful)

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by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Green tends to get a lot of attention as the color for a modern age of growing eco-awareness. However, don't overlook brown as a powerful natural hue for fashion and accessories. From clothing to handbags, jewelry to belts, a wide spectrum of retro-inspired brown hues are taking style forecasters like WGSN by storm--and you'll want to hear what they have to say on the subject.

If you're thinking, "Brown? But it's boring," you need to take a fresh look at this color family. Key shades include cognac and delicious cinnamon, dark chocolate, burnt umber with a citrus-infused twist, earthenware-inspired terracotta, robust brandy or slightly lighter whiskey are enough to make any designer salivate. Even the PANTONE® color of the year Marsala had brown inspiration.

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It's no surprise these shades have food connotations, as this is a comforting palette all about feeding the soul's desire for beauty and connection to our roots. In color theory, the color brown is associated with strength, a sense of reliability, being down to earth, historical reminiscence and nature. Bring these characteristics to your jewelry with the powerhouse shades of brown.

Brown Isn't Boring (Brown is Beautiful) Brown Isn't Boring (Brown is Beautiful)

Designing with brown is easy with multiple gemstones showcasing naturally appealing tones. Chrysanthemum stone, tiger iron, smoky quartz, tigereye and more are visually intriguing, some with patterns such as banding, chatoyant and speckles in more than one color. Wood, nuts and leather (especially with crocodile patterns or smooth grain) provide more natural-inspired options.

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Of course, you don't have to stick to natural materials. Crystal Passions® and seed beads are available in some of the most interesting brown shades complementing those found on big-name runways and high-end fashion. Take a look at Crystal Passions' mocca color or deep brown pearl as well as Delica® matte brown or root beer shades. Discover appealing tonal ranges in your other favorite materials too for capitalizing on this color.

Brown Isn't Boring (Brown is Beautiful) Brown Isn't Boring (Brown is Beautiful)

As you can tell from the talk about brown, this tonal range is an over-arching theme spanning the breadth of seasons. Brown plays well with other colors and is especially sweet with pink, warm with red, rich with gold (including rose gold), sophisticated with blue, natural with green, clean with white and strong with black. Antiqued copper or brass and brown platings offer tinted metal options for findings and focal components.

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