Benefits of Paying with PayPal

Benefits of Paying with PayPal
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Have you seen the orangey-yellow ''Check out with PayPal'' button when you are ready to make a purchase? This handy button makes it easy for people with PayPal accounts to quickly and securely make purchases without having to enter payment card information every time. Don't have a PayPal account? Or, have one and aren't taking advantage of PayPal when purchasing with Fire Mountain Gems? We're here to break down the process and the distinct benefits to you--especially if you're a Platinum Partner.

What is PayPal?

It's basically the middle man and an online wallet. With a PayPal account, you're able to do lots of things:
  • Send/receive online auction payments
  • Purchase/sell goods and services
  • Make/receive charitable donations
  • Exchange cash and money transfers
PayPal stores your bank, credit or debit card information for use in any of the above transactions. You can also use PayPal like a bank account, depositing and withdrawing money. According to PayPal, the company boasts over 100 million active accounts in 190 markets worldwide.

What are the Basic Benefits of PayPal?

First, you enter your information once, on the PayPal website, and don't have to type it again when visiting websites you wish to purchase from. This helps keep your information safe from keyloggers and others with malicious intent. PayPal uses advanced encryption software to keep your personal information safe, yet accessible to you. PayPal also offers fraud protection and other securities to keep your money where it belongs. There's no annual fee to open or use your PayPal and it's free to use for making purchases. Oh, and PayPal Credit (once called Bill Me Later) or MasterCard® gives you payment options. What are the Basic Benefits of PayPal?

Wait, What is PayPal Credit?

As a wholesale company, Fire Mountain Gems provides bulk buys and large-buying opportunities for our customers. With a handy PayPal feature called PayPal Credit you get lots of options to choose how YOU want to pay for small or large orders. PayPal Credit is a simple, flexible credit line built into your PayPal account. Another handy credit form from PayPal is the multiple MasterCard options: Debit, Prepaid or Extras. The PayPal MasterCard works anywhere MasterCard is accepted and you're able to use it online as well as at stores to earn points, cash back and other perks. Wait, What is PayPal Credit?

Sounds Cool! How Do I Benefit by Using PayPal at Fire Mountain Gems?

Other than flexible ways to pay, another unique benefit of paying with PayPal is when your business may have multiple people making purchases. Perhaps your business associates or purchasing agents make buys. Maybe you send your order specifically to your bookkeeper to place. Our Platinum Partners tend to make a lot of purchases, and sometimes it isn't convenient to get all your extraneous people together to make a purchase. With a PayPal Business account you can set up users and individual user privileges so transactions like these can occur with your PayPal-stored information, since Fire Mountain Gems doesn't keep credit card information on record.

Why Can't Fire Mountain Just Retain My Credit Card Information?

This is actually a good thing! Fire Mountain Gems encrypts your card information during the purchase process and is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. Under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Fire Mountain Gems shows we do the best we can to provide a secure transactional environment. The goal of PCI DSS is to enhance your safety by protecting payment card information--if we don't store it, it can't be stolen. PCI Compliance relies on a set of standards and processes surrounding those standards, which companies who take credit cards must adhere to. These standards are always evolving as technology changes and hackers become more sophisticated, making PCI compliance a continuous process. You benefit through the high level of rigor we apply to our payment systems and processes. Why Can

You Mentioned a Platinum Partner Program. What's That About?

Do you already or do you want to make large purchases? You might be close to--or have--qualified for our Platinum Partner incentive program. As a Platinum Partner you get extra discounts (on top of the 100+ All Assortable Pricing) depending on your tier level. Your tier is determined by your previous year's spending total (from July to July). It pays to buy in bulk. Interested in learning about all the perks of being a Platinum Partner? Talk with our world-class customer service representatives on the phone, with online live chat or email to get the answers you need.

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