Easy Peasy Pendant Necklaces

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by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Today we're sharing a design secret of jewelry-making success--easy peasy pendant necklaces. Yes, that's right; there isn't anything more simple, yet stunning, than these easy-to-make statements. How easy you ask? Simply string a pendant of your choice onto finished chain or cord and voilà you have a beautiful piece of finished jewelry, ready to wear, sell and enjoy.


Shop from over a thousand different styles of pendants from enamel, lampworked glass, shell, gemstone, precious and plated metals. Find a large selection of finished necklaces including chain, cord, imitation suede, leather and much more. Priced for resale success, design as high-end or as fashion-inspired as you like, the style possibilities are endless.

Putting together pendant necklaces is a smart solution for enhancing existing jewelry offerings. It allows jewelry makers to quickly add current jewelry trends, seasonal colors and holiday motifs without a big investment of time or money. Easy-to-make pendant necklaces are also a great way to add men's jewelry to any collection, simply choose more masculine materials, such as Hemalyke™ pendants and leather cord for an edgy look. View the FREE color forecast guides and jewelry-making trend resources to help guide your pendant jewelry purchasing decisions. This will keep jewelry lines fresh, fun and up-to-the-minute style wise.
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Pendant necklaces make jewelry displays and craft show booths more robust and full looking. Incorporate bright colors, large pendants and trendy symbols to demand attention and draw people in. Let customers get in on the fun ... offer a selection of pendants and finished necklace chains and cords so they can make their own, encouraging them to purchase multiple pendants for many different looks.

Adding these pieces will increase selection and can also create a bigger variety of price points, attracting more potential customers and generating buying interest. For example someone may initially like a striking lampworked glass pendant necklace, but then also purchase one of your original handmade pieces as well.

Pendant necklaces can be very profitable, as they are amazingly affordable to create and take only seconds to design, yet present a much higher perceived value. Known as one of the most popular styles of jewelry, pendant necklaces are flattering and versatile, making them a customer favorite.


They're addicting though ... don't blame us if you find yourself making, selling and wearing more and more of them. It's easy peasy.

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