It's Showtime

It's Showtime
by Donna, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

With spring just around the corner, the Artisan Events, Craft Festivals and Street Fairs are starting again--If you make and sell jewelry you already know the work that it takes to get ready for a show; anything that you can do to stream line your process to be prepared is a good idea. What do you do that helps you get ready?

Here is my checklist--maybe we can swap ideas and really be ready for spring.

Before I pull out of the driveway I ask myself the following questions:
Checkmarked Box Is my product in the car? (not sitting on top of the car)--Jewelry cases
Checkmarked Box Do I have everything I need to setup my space?--Tables, props, displays
Checkmarked Box Do I have everything I need to make a sale?--Cash, money box, credit card slider
Checkmarked Box Do I have my vendor papers telling me where my space is and how to get to it?
Checkmarked Box Is my phone fully charged and do I have a spare charger with me?
I accept bank cards/credit cards when at a show so having my phone/tablet fully charged is always a bonus. If you do the same, make sure you have your device--such as a slider--and that you can connect. Not all phone plans connect in all places. Is WIFI available and is it secure? It is helpful to bring a charger with you if electricity is available; as well as a spare extension cord.

Now that I have answered all the pre-show questions and my car is loaded; a quick stop through the drive-through window for a cup of coffee, set the GPS and I am off for a day of adventure.

Once I arrive, I like to park and go find my space; it is easier than unloading and then trying to find your space. Maybe my neighbors will already be there and I can introduce myself and see what they will be selling; (hopefully not the same thing I am selling).
  • If you use a canopy--set it up first and follow with tables and props. Once that is done and I have my space covered, my props in the right place, I can bring out my displays and then the product.
  • Bring a chair or a stool with you--it's nice to be able to sit down when you have the chance. Also, I have added hand mirrors to my props so that they can see how they look in your design!
Finished Bracelets and Polymer Clay Beads

Price Tags and Labels
  • A few extra pens--always bring some extra paper, and your business cards so that you can hand them out with each sale or even just to the lookers. I like to include one in each sale.
  • Also additional price tags--I don't know what happens to them but seems like there are always some missing.
  • Consider bringing a "goody-bag" for kids--age appropriate of course, but little stretch bracelets, a big bead strung on a spare piece of leather cord and tied off is always fun for the kids and a good way to clean up your beading stash. Chances are you will always get a smile in return.
  • A spare tool kit is handy with a few jumprings etc. always comes in handy in case you need to do a quick fix or modification for someone.

Fire Mountain Gems has some great items to help make your show a success; their jewelry tray carrying case is wonderful--prepare your trays, just pull them out and they are ready to show. All the trays stack neatly on top of each other inside and it can hold from 12 1" inch trays to 24 half-size trays with room to tuck in pouches, etc. without damaging your work. This case is easy to carry, easy to store and holds a lot. You can also pick all the trays you need which can also double as displays.

Tool Kits Jewelry Tray Carrying Cases

We offer a full range of displays, pouches, gift boxes, all your packaging--everything you need to help make your show a success. In addition, we also carry a full line of books and videos under our business resources section to give you even more advice on how to sell your product successfully.

Be sure to share your story on what works best for you--I am sure we would all love to pick up some tidbits from our neighbors. See you out there!

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