Earring Jackets

Design Idea JA0N Necklace and Earrings
by Ali, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Here's an earring trend you can really get behind! The backs of stud earrings have been viewed as a necessity, not a design opportunity, but earring jackets are causing a role reversal, bringing fun and sparkly additions to the back of earstuds.

Ear jackets (also known as fan studs or front-and-back earrings) hang just behind the earlobe. The dangle is often seen bent forward slightly so the decoration seems to hug your earlobe. Usually in matching pairs, earring jackets look chic when worn on just one side as well, creating a popular single statement earring or asymmetrical earring look.

Jacket Earrings Jacket Earrings Jacket Earrings

Whether you're into alternative, traditional or modern blinged-out styles, jacket earrings cover the entire designing spectrum, from edgy spikes and talons to glittering rhinestones or classic pearls. Gold- and silver-colored metals are frequently seen, but other metal colors such as rose gold, gunmetal and more are caressing fashion-forward earlobes, too. Another popular choice is polymer clay, which allows the designer the utmost freedom and creativity. Create animals that seem to peek through the ear, plant life that grows where it wants, and a host of other whimsical designs to truly take advantage of this trend.

Design Idea F95J Necklace and Earrings Jacket Earrings Item Number H20-2245JC Earstud

Item Number H20-2245JC

With earrings being on the forefront of fashionista minds, it's no surprise to see changes to such staple jewelry. Throwback styles such as earring jackets continue to be on the rise for their creativity and versatility. Earring jackets allow for multiple ways to wear a single piece of jewelry, creating a cost-effective accessory for the consumer. Focusing on dual silhouettes, front-and-back earrings also include moveable or freely swinging dangles, creating dramatic or eye-catching movement.

Earring backs do more than just hold your earrings in these days. Hang charms or drops with thin loops from long earstuds, dangle rhinestone cupchain or create jackets angled forward to join in this distinctive trend.

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