So You Placed An Order ...

So You Placed An Order ...
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

You put together your jewelry-making supplies list and hit the checkout button. Now you're anxiously awaiting your new beads, findings and other baubles. Are you curious to know how your much-anticipated order ends up packed with love? Here's a day in the life of a brand new customer order at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®:

Customer Service Representative Customer Service

However you prefer to submit your order, our always-friendly customer service representatives are available to help answer your questions and make your experience with Fire Mountain Gems the best it can be. Here we can make specific delivery notes, apply any special discounts if applicable and make sure everything in your order is, well, in order.


Next, our talented numbers people in accounting get your order to process the financial side of the transaction. We make sure our customers' information remains safe while ensuring payments (whether they're coming in or going out) are smooth and on time.


If you've ever visited Fire Mountain Gems and Beads in scenic Grants Pass, OR, you'll notice we have a giant warehouse behind our main building. (And if you haven't seen our facility, be sure to stop by for a tour sometime!) In the Bead Bunker, as we call it, is our back stock. We like to keep our stock ready and available, so we're constantly moving product to where it needs to go so your order can be completed in a timely manner.
Bead Bunker

Production Production

We offer tons of product and lots of package options. To make sure your package size and product is ready, we send our stock through production. This is where our bulk inventory is broken down into more manageable pack sizes. There are interesting machines that help us sort and count as well as a dedicated team to do what machines can't. After production, product is stocked in and ready to be pulled for your orders.


These are the friendly folks who actually fill your order. Our warehouse is always advancing in technology, and we use moveable drawers (repurposed dry cleaning racks actually) to make our process as efficient as possible.

Then your order is sorted, counted and packed up. We make sure to put our signature piece of teal tissue paper with a packed with love sticker on top so it's like opening a present when you receive your order. Then our mail carriers pull up and take the boxes away.

Fulfillment: Picking Orders Fulfillment: Packing Orders

So there you have it: a brand new customer order. When you get your order that's been packed with love, you can rest assured plenty of people put hard work into making sure it gets to you efficiently and accurately.

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