Design Idea E14L Bracelet
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

There's a whole new meaning to conversation pieces. Use words and phrases in jewelry and let your accessories do the talking. Following in the footsteps of the monogram trend, words or whole phrases allow designers to create custom or meaningful jewelry for customers or as gifts for family and friends.

Popular ways that words are displayed in jewelry is on clear or colored cutout acrylic as well as shrinkable plastic. Words and phrases are also being inscribed, stamped and cut out of leather or metal sheet and blanks. Alphabet letter beads and charms make it easy to spell out anything along a necklace or bracelet strand. Don't forget about precious metal and polymer clay as well when getting wordy with your jewelry. We've even seen wire formed into words, enamel designs that spell something out, mosaics of Crystal Passions® crystals in the form of a sentence, printed paper preserved beneath glass cabochons or resin--are you getting there's no end to creative license with this trend? And of course, there are a range of finished word components to attach to chain, bracelet bases and more for quick creations.

Word Up Word Up

Breast Cancer Awareness Beads and Components Uplifting, patriotic or relaxing messages are favorites in this trend and include words such as namaste, dream, believe, hope and love. Favorite Bible verses or quotes from books, movies and TV shows are also commonly used to display personal interests. Of course your message can be as personal as you wish. Many designers who create jewelry for fundraisers are taking this golden opportunity to raise awareness for the charities or causes they support with their jewelry featuring words. Jewelry makers continue to show they are some of the most generous people in the world and there are an amazing amount of passionate individuals who raise and donate proceeds to treatment research centers for devastating diseases or for the care and rehabilitation of those affected and their families. See our ''Awareness Ribbons: Color and Cause Guide'' to create encouraging jewelry with the corresponding cause color.

Affirmation Charms

And lastly, finished jewelry products are available if you're looking to bolster inventory of your own word-inspired jewelry. Give your jewelry the microphone and let it take the stage to announce to the world something important to you, an interest, personality trait or anything you want. Words have power; use and wear them well.

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